Why the Tea Party and the neo-conservatives have it all wrong: A major platform of the Tea Party argument is:  “Let’s get back to our roots, to the ideals of […]

Anarchy is usually defined as a state of lawlessness and disorder, a breakdown of governmental authority. Most people would probably agree that policemen shooting citizens at random (well, sort of) […]

As the U.S. once more contemplates sending our troops into battle in Iraq, we as American atheists need to take a long look at what we can do to stop […]

Being an atheist simply means I lack belief in a higher or supernatural being, God or gods.  That fact has nothing to do with the rest of my life:  it […]

(Summary and Highlights) An intensely-researched study of American policy in Afghanistan from 1978 until the eve of 9/11, Steve Coll’s (Coll is a journalist and Dean of the Columbia School […]