November 20, 2014

Is Atheism a Religion?

There was a recent post on this web site concerning the growing proliferation of atheist churches globally.  We disagree with this trend, considering this to be an embarrassment to the atheist movement, as is the awakening “spirituality” of Sam Harris, one of the reputed Four Horsemen of the Atheist Apocalypse.  See Waking Up:  A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion.

Atheism is also known as “freethinking.”  An atheist is a “freethinker” for the simple reason that such a person is free from the bonds of mental slavery to religion.  Religion asks that one eschews reason for faith.  In the book of Genesis, the primary sin committed by Adam and Eve was eating from the Tree of Knowledge.  Knowledge, reason and wisdom are anathema to the Christian religion.  It remains one of the main reasons why American children continue to lag behind the rest of the world in science and math.  A reported 80 per cent of Americans believe in God.

So that last thing a freethinker would admit to being would be a member of a religion, any religion.

Freethinkers don’t necessarily believe anything.  They LACK belief in god or gods or some other supernatural, super-powerful entity.  This “lack” does not constitute membership in a religion.  What it does constitute is freedom from religion, freedom from a faith that denies the power of reason, a faith that distrusts science and scientists, a faith that enslaves the believer with yokes of guilt and sin and self-hatred.  And especially the hatred of women.

Now, consider the recent decision of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, where they ruled in a Wisconsin prison case that atheism IS a religion even though it lacks the belief in a Supreme Being.  An inmate wanted to start an atheist study group because various religions already had their own study groups within the prison.  It is felt that the ruling bent the board a little bit in order to give the inmates their study group, and in doing so declared atheism a “religion,” but there was also legal precedent.

A 1961 case, Torcaso v. Watkins, resulted in the U.S. Supreme Court declaring that “secular humanism,” another euphemism for atheism, is a religion.

By this reasoning, logical positivism, existentialism, Marxism, Mao-ism, etc. are all religions.  However, in the Wisconsin case the Court made it clear that it considered atheism “on a par” with systems of religion.

Freethinkers who wish to continue to go to their “atheist church” can go right ahead.  But remember this:  the more trappings of religion we assume, the more others will assume that atheism is just another religion competing for converts.

Freethinkers deserve more credit than that.

November 19, 2014

There’s Nothing Wrong With Christmas…

There is nothing wrong with atheists celebrating Christmas.  Although atheists and followers of political correctness in their speech most often refer to this period of time as “the holidays,” atheists should not be uncomfortable about spending “Christmas” with their families and other loved ones or having a good time “just because” it’s the end of December.  If church or prayers are involved at some point, do the polite thing:  be a hypocrite, just for a few minutes or hours.  It’s more fun to be part of the party than to be a party-pooper.

After all, Christmas started out being celebrated in early pre-Christian times, having absolutely nothing to do with the actual date of the birth of Jesus Christ, which is completely unknown (of course, there are those Scrooges who will note that there is no historical record of a Jesus Christ from Nazareth, which throws much doubt on the utter fact of his existence at all).

Up until late in the fourth century, January 6th (The Celebration of the Epiphany) was the big day, although the emphasis there was on celebrating the baptism of the Christ child.  However, it is believed in folklore that he was conceived on March 25th, and nine months later is December 25th.  His “birthday” coincides with the Roman winter solstice festival, otherwise known as “Saturnalia,” and some of the pagan festival elements remain, such as gift giving during Saturnalia or the Yule log during Yule, a pagan Scandinavian festival.

It was during Constantine’s reign in early Christian fourth century Rome that many of the trimmings of the pagan festivals were assimilated into a celebration of the birth of the “Sun of righteousness.”

In the middle ages, Christmas was sort of a carnival, like Mardi Gras, but by the 19th century it had settled down into a family-oriented holiday.  Well, most families.  Our ancestors, the Puritans, frequently outlawed the celebration of Christmas because of its early associations with pagan rituals and festivals.  Christmas was banned in Boston by the Puritans for about two decades in the late 17th century.  My personal feeling is that the Puritans found it just too darn sexy.

One thing that’s always puzzled me:  if the birth of Christ was such a phenomenon, with gifts from the Magi and his own star, etc., and if this birth took place on or around December 25th, why was it not celebrated every year thereafter, and not until 300 years later?  Why did the disciples or, later, the “authors” of the gospels not carry out a celebration of Jesus’ birth?  I would suggest that the early Christians, in developing the legend of the Christ, took several centuries before they even set a date to celebrate, as part of the growing tradition, and as oral stories got written down; only further evidence that the historical Jesus did not exist.  His legend grew as the story grew.

Most of the New Testament is devoted to the preaching Jesus, riding into town on a donkey, like John Wayne .  “Naw, Pilgrim, somethin’ real ugly gonna pack it for ya if ya don’t stop that commercializin’ on the temple steps!”  And his early life is pretty much glossed over, other than being hidden when Herod went on his bloody rampage.

Well, this blog is about Christmas, not about Jesus (which is pretty much how most Christians celebrate the holiday as well! A pathetic, disgusting orgy of excess, gluttony, hypocrisy and commercialization)  It was a done deal after Charles Dickens published A Christmas Carol, a mainly secular portrait of the holiday, with merry-making, presents, family gatherings and tons and tons of food.  After that, everyone wanted their Christmas to be just like Tiny Tim’s!

Whatever you call the holiday, there’s no reason to un-plug the phone and barricade the house for a week if you’re a freethinker.  Just think of it as another party, only this time with family and close friends instead of Mike, Bill and Fuzzy from the Antlers Tavern Bowling League.  We won’t mention Rosemary.

When I was a little boy, I used to sneak downstairs after being the first to awaken, to see if Santa Claus had eaten his cookies and refreshed himself with a little milk.  He always had.  I had been told the presents he brought for me would vanish if I touched them before the allotted time, so I tried to guess what all my presents were by looking at the shape of the boxes and imagining what they could be.  I got a little smarter after we got a puppy.  Puppies love to tear things up, and they don’t get in trouble for it!

Is Santa Claus a god-figure, a metaphor for the socio-religious idol of superstition and fantasy?  Think about some of his attributes:  he is all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful;  he is immortal; he judges children and tell them to obey their parents; he sits on a throne.  Just goes to show you:  show me a human, I’ll show you the beginnings of a god.

November 18, 2014

Why giving to charity is a bad choice…

A recent news story in Austin, Texas, revealed that a charity called “Texas VFW” had been soliciting donations as part of a global network, and that over eighty per cent of donation dollars go to administration costs (this is always a euphemism that can be roughly translated as “the CEO’s new house, new car, bank account, drugs or mistress”).  The amount is more likely almost 100 per cent.

Much noise has been made about the conspicuous absence of the Red Cross from Hurricane Sandy relief on the East Coast of the U.S. a couple of years ago.  The Red Cross!  You gotta figure, if the Red Cross can’t come through, who can or who will?  Supposedly the Red Cross spends only about 4 per cent on admin costs.  Other charities spend much more, especially on professional fund raisers.  Charities keep up to 60 per cent of the money they collect in donations, with only 40 per cent going to help real people.  Some of the CEO’s are living pretty high on the hog.  The highest paid CEO’s receive upwards to $3 million in compensation.

Religious charities are much worse because they don’t need to report what they collect.  Why do you think the Catholic Church is so rich?  It keeps most of the donations from you and me, thinking we’re making a difference for people who need help, and instead they spend it on real estate, automobiles for bishops, advertising and PR, and, oh yeah, I forgot, legal fees for wayward pedophiles.  The amount spent on condoms and bondage equipment is unknown.

Believe it or not, those sickening and self-abasing televangelist programs, such as the 700 Club and In Touch Ministries, are also considered charities:  all of the money they get is poured back into the programs or to produce CD’s and DVD’s (mostly of the same programs that were used to get the money in the first place).  Charles Stanley, an effeminate Christian snake oil salesman-preacher out of Atlanta, Georgia, rakes in $79 million a year through his ministry; Focus on the Family, an ultra-radical arm of the off-the-edge Religious Right, rakes in about $94 million a year, and lists as its activities, “publishing.”  Yeah, it publishes all right, pure hate:  hatred of gays, hatred of freethinkers, hatred of other Christians not fully committed to a Dominionist point of view (a radical takeover of our government, culture and society).  People get to deduct donations to these scumbags, can you believe it?

There have been cures for cancer for over 60 years now.  There are now cures for all sorts of cancers, including breast cancer, awaiting patents that are being sat on by the major pharmaceutical companies, and for good reason.  My oncologist recently told me about a single hypodermic needle of cancer medicine that cost $160,000!  My own chemo, Velcade, costs about $17,000 per shot.  My co-pay is minuscule in comparison, but if I don’t pay, somebody else, other than the drug companies that is, is paying–my employer, my insurance company.  Any way you slice it, the drug company gets full retail price for less than an ounce of liquid.

Researchers in Canada have found a simple drug used for metabolic disorders that also kills cancer cells, all sorts of cancer cells, and leaves the healthy cells alone.  But they can’t get any of the drug companies interested in it because it’s a treatment using a drug already patented, so the companies can’t make much money off of it.  This is a crime against humanity.  People are suffering and dying and tied to the end of an infusion tube just so the drug companies can keep them sick and keep them paying.

Have you ever given someone standing on a street corner with a sign money, and then watched as he/she drove off in a new Lincoln a few minutes later?  That should teach you a lesson about all giving.  Give what you want, or as much as you want, but realize that your money is more than likely going up someone’s nose or into their bank account, and no real people will ever be helped besides the primary huckster.  If you generally spend time flushing greenbacks down the toilets, then this is for you.

Breast cancer, even though cures have been available for years, is now more of an advertising phenomenon than a disease for which real women need a cure or treatment.  There are literally hundreds of companies invested in it, and they all profit by selling more product as a result of being associated with, say, a 5K run, and none of them, sadly, could be less concerned with actually curing breast cancer.  The money given to breast cancer organizations is completely wasted, as it’s split between the admin costs of the organization and research money, which goes to the drug companies who don’t want to find a cure in the first place.  Readers, these companies are SITTING ON THEIR HANDS instead of doing their jobs and helping to find and publish cure protocols.

Remember the AIDS epidemic?  People are still dying of what they call AIDS, but in actuality, AIDS was and is nothing more than a variety of things that make people sick; in the U.S., a contributing factor was a drug popular in gay night clubs and discos called “poppers,” which allegedly damaged the immune system.  In Africa, it’s bad water, bad food and no good sanitation or medical care.  AIDS is simply cancer in many different forms.  Is there an AIDS epidemic today?  If not, why not?  It’s because it’s been largely cured, and the medical community and the drug companies refuse to extend the treatment to the general population, EVEN THOUGH the factors in AIDS are cancers found in almost every sector of society.

So why give them money at all?  If you give money for cancer research, say, that money goes to the same pharmaceutical companies that refuse to yield their monopoly on treatments; if one of their researchers ever really finds something useful, that information will be quashed and that researcher will be fired or moved.  If you give money to a bum, he will spend it on drugs or his new Caddy.  If you give money to a church to help children in Africa, your money will be spent on a new building for that church, or to hire a new priest or pastor, who, more than likely, will wind up in jail for molesting one of your kids.

It’s a hard lesson.  And sad, very sad.  If we can’t help others, humans and non-human animals, then we’re just cheating life.

November 17, 2014

The Atheist Church??

I thought I was mistaken when I first started reading about atheist churches.  The questions “why?” and “what the hell are they thinking?” came immediately to mind.

You don’t set up the same kind of institution as that which you oppose.  Nothing could be more harmful to the freethinker cause.  Imitating the enemy!  Are you serious??

It was the same sort of sick, betrayed feeling I got when a learned about Sam Harris’ foray into the world of spirituality.  One of the Four Horsemen of the Atheist Apocalypse, a young stalwart of the New Atheism and a very, very smart fellow, talking spirituality.  Spirit.  Where is this spirit?  Where is this God?  You get my point?  He’s setting up his own private idols to worship; the worshipful ineffable.

Atheist churches have been popping up here and there.  Yes, it’s mainly on Sundays; yes, there is singing involved.  Other than that, there’s not much of a comparison with Christian churches.  So what’s the point?  If freethinkers want to get together and socialize, that’s great, they should.  But why call it “church”?

It really makes freethinkers look bad because of the imitation factor involved.  A bad idea made worse by not going away fast enough to annoy us hard-liners.

Let’s look at just a few issues, first, money:  everyone should know how the Catholic Church got all its money.  It stole it; it plundered; it conducted crusades and inquisitions, it confiscated properties, it governed and taxed whole nations.  It was, and it still is, powerful.  Other churches, for example, Protestant churches, got most of their money from donations, collections and then from there by making wise real estate decisions, selling and buying property and businesses and so on.

Are atheists really that committed to going to church that they are willing to go through all of that?  Not, I mean, the plundering part, but everything else?  After all, there are thousands of atheist organizations (and web sites) in America alone, all of them asking for donations to support what they do.  I myself belong to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Austin Community of Atheists, as well as to several national organizations like Americans for the Separation of Church and State, American Atheists, the Richard Dawkins Foundation, etc.  All it takes for full membership status and newsletter mailings is a small yearly donation.

Secondly, if atheists want to get together and “preach to the choir,” all they have to do is meet in a bar or restaurant, or hire a speaker in a meeting hall.  We need to get our messages out, and we do this by appearing in public one way or the other.

I am against pamphleting, billboards, signs on city buses and taxis.  No one pays attention to them; they are a waste of money.  The one true way to engage a Christian or Jew or Muslim in meaningful debate is face-to-face contact, whether one on one or in front of an audience, lecturing, debating, arguing before a school board on a textbook issue.  This is the only way people will realize what atheists are (rational, sane, friendly, understanding, patient) and which serves to dispel a lot of the misconceptions many people have about atheists.

No one is going to change a gay into a straight person (for biological reasons).  And no one is going to change a Christian into an unbeliever (for socio-cultural reasons).  That change has to be within each person.  And the only way that change is going to happen is if that person is willing to listen to competing arguments and think about them, and go on from there.  Christians, from the writing of Genesis and going forward, have always been taught that knowledge and wisdom are part and parcel of the evil one; once they begin to think for themselves, there is hope for them.

Atheists and freethinkers, let’s drop this embarrassment called the atheist church.  If you want to go to church go to a Universalist Church.  They’ll even let you boo at the mention of God!

November 16, 2014

Why freethinkers will be the last minority

From the looks of it, a lot of churches, even evangelical churches, are starting to crack on the LGBT issues, some moderating their former positions, others, like Vatican City Catholics, at least discussing it.  People are coming around to the view that a person would be crazy to actually choose a gay existence; it’s not a choice, it’s a given, so it’s nothing less than cruelty to persecute them for it.

Once all 50 states have ratified gender equity, and so far there are over 30, preachers, pastors and priests all over will be looking for new fish to fry, and those fish could well be freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, unbelievers and infidels.  One reason is that the preachers who denounce gays from the pulpit may be subject to hate crimes laws once gender equity is in place.  My belief is that this should ALREADY be happening, and this includes TV preachers, radio preachers, and Sunday school preachers and teachers, as well as newsletters and other printed matter sent out by churches.  Preachers have to have something to be negative about, so congregations will know they will go to hell if they go down the wrong path.

The bedrock of all religion is superstition and fear, mostly fear of death.  Parishioners need to have their fear re-charged so they continue to subject themselves to the church, allowing others to think for them.  If preachers can no longer tell their flocks that gays are going to hell, they will certainly begin to pick on unbelievers.

The second reason has to do with the growth of free thought in America.  As mentioned in other posts, Europe is already considered to be in a post-Christian era, with church attendance plummeting and free thought emerging as a radically cool alternative to Christianity and other vaults of superstition.  Here, freethinkers/theist debates are popping up all over the country, the subject of Creationism/Intelligent Design comes up regularly at school board meetings around the country, and finally, the more science discovers, the less the universe remains a mystery, including even the very beginning of our universe, and how it might end.  And God isn’t in there anywhere.

There will be a backlash, and I predict it will begin with legislators, Republican legislators.  The Religious Right, taking advantage of big Republican wins on the state and national levels, will call in its chips after providing an 80 per cent voting base (80 per cent of Americans are supposedly Christians); pretty soon we’ll start seeing laws specifically aimed at freethinkers, or in retaliation for freethinker-influenced legislation or outcomes in the past, i.e. taking religious statements down from court room walls, forbidding team prayers at college football games, taking creches out of capitol buildings, or changing them to neutral holiday displays.

Preachers have to have something to hate (don’t hate the sinner, hate the sin), and once the gays are taken out of the picture, the abortionists and the freethinkers will get lumped into one dumpster.  Now, a freethinker is just that:  there is no political ethic or social stance connected with a lack of belief in a god or gods.  Atheists are not automatically radicals or liberals, they are not automatically socialist versus trickle down capitalist in their economics, they are not automatically anti-gun, pro-choice or anti-capital punishment.  It’s true, many if not most tend to lean to the liberal/socialist/radical (I am none of those:  I’m a barking dog anarchist) side of the spectrum, but lack of belief carries with it no necessary baggage.

The abortion debate will soon be resolved in the Supreme Court, once the Republican president places enough members of the religious right on the dais.  There are three if not four on the Court at this moment; just two to go.  Once this Jesus Court is in place, the abortion case of Roe v. Wade will be reversed.  Which is too bad–the Religious Right, hand in hand with Congress and the courts, is already picking away at contraceptive access, leaving some women with abortion as a last resort form of birth control.  Unfortunately, once contraceptives and abortion are no longer available, suicides will increase, as will illegal abortions (including botched abortions) and people who might have been helped will die.

Blacks were enslaved and given second-class citizen status until they were able to come with some leaders to take up their case against the slave traffickers:  Lincoln, John Brown, X, King Jr., and so on.  Until these people were able to articulate the black cause and augment that with legal work and volunteers, blacks remained an oppressed minority.  Gays and freethinkers already have articulate spokespeople in their corner, thousands in fact, and the ACLU is always there to assist, as they were in the Dover, PA case where the school board added a creationist agenda to the school schedule, and lost pretty badly.  See my blog on Idiot America.  So the Religious Right will probably take the high road and try to force their agenda through legislatively, effectively cutting off freethinkers, pro-choice people and others from any sort of social or legal appeals.  It’s the same position anti-abortion forces have been in for almost 40 years.

It’s important to remember that the Religious Right has big plans for this country, including a takeover of our government and virtually every social and cultural element in our society.  Sit still long enough and watch it happen.

Personally, I would sooner emigrate than kneel before the altar of superstition.

November 15, 2014

The amazing Mr. Robert Ingersoll!

Robert Ingersoll, 1833-1899, the great American freethinker of the 19th century

“I would rather belong to one that commenced at the skulls vertebrae and started for perfection, than to belong to one that started from perfection and started for the skulless vertebrae.”

“We know that doing away with gods and supernatural persons and powers is not an end.  It is a means to an end; the real end being the happiness of man.”

“Reason, Observation and Experience–the Holy Trinity of Science–have taught us that the time to be happy is now, and the way to be happy is to make others so.  This is enough for us.  In this belief we are content to live and die.”

“Abject faith is barbarism; reason is civilization.  To obey is slavish; to act from a sense of obligation perceived by the reason, is noble.  Ignorance worships mystery; Reason explains it:  the one grovels, the other soars.”

“Religion got much of its power from the terror of death.  Superstition is the child of ignorance and fear.”

“Religion does not, and cannot, contemplate man as free.  She accepts only the homage of the prostrate, and scorns the offerings of those who stand erect.  She cannot tolerate the liberty of thought.”

“…every religion has for its foundation a miracle:  that is to say, a violation of nature–that is to say, a falsehood.”

“For ages, a deadly conflict has been waged between a few brave men and women of thought and genius upon the one side, and the great ignorant religious mass on the other.  This is the war between science and faith…The few have said “Think!”  The many have said “Believe!”

“According to the ancient Christians, God lived from all eternity, and never worked but six days in His whole life, and then had the impudence to tell us to be industrious.”

“The highest type of the Orthodox Christian does not forget; neither does he learn.  He neither advances nor recedes.  He is a living fossil embedded in that rock called faith.  He makes no effort to better his condition, because all his strength is exhausted in keeping other people from improving theirs.”

“From every pulpit comes the same cry, born of the same fear:  “Lest they eat and become as gods, knowing good and evil.”  For this reason, religion hates science, faith detests reason, theology is the sworn enemy of philosophy…”

“In the days of Thomas Paine the Church believed and taught that every word in the Bible was absolutely true.  Since his day it has been proven false in its cosmogony, false in its astronomy, false in its chronology, false in its history, and so far as the Old Testament is concerned, false in almost everything.”

“Infidelity is liberty; all religion is slavery.  In every creed man is the slave of God–woman is the slave of man and the sweet children are the slaves of all.  We do not want creeds; we want knowledge–we want happiness.”

“If the account given in Genesis is really true, ought we not, after all, to thank this serpent? He was the first schoolmaster, the first advocate of learning, the first enemy of ignorance, the first to whisper in human ears the sacred word liberty, the creator of ambition, the author of modesty, of inquiry, of doubt, of investigation, of progress and of civilization.”

All quotes excerpted from Ingersollia Gems of Thought from the Lectures, Speeches and Conversations of Col. Robert G. Ingersoll




November 14, 2014

Why the Democrats are in BIG trouble in 2016…

What, me worry?  I, a life-long Republican turned Democrat/Green Party advocate because the Republicans have been taken over by the Religious Right (that’s Right, I mean, right, I used to vote Republican, straight tickets too.  A true American Idiot, right?)

The elections of 2014 are over and the Red Party is in full control of both Houses, but the Dems still have Obama to fend them off, if he can.  All he really has to fight with is the Executive Order and the veto.

But the Dems have bigger problems than this one election last Tuesday.  The presidential election of 2016 is just two years away, and the Dems are in big trouble.  Why?  They simply have no platform except to criticize the Republicans for being an immovable force.  And worse, THEY HAVE NO CORE CONSTITUENCY.

So, what do the Republicans have going for them that the Democrats don’t?  A recent poll shows that upwards of 75 per cent of Americans identify themselves as “Christians.”  The Republicans are the party of the Christian Right, if not radical Christian Right, and thus have a built-in bedrock constituency for which the Democrats have no attractive alternatives for possible “swing” Christian voters.  Now, a “swing” Christian voter is even hated by other Christians, because they are clearly not totally with the program.  The peer pressure for them to vote Republican is thrown at them every day.

The Democrats, formerly the Dixiecrats, the main purveyors of slavery and the controllers of all Southern states before the Civil War, already have an uphill battle overcoming their past.  Besides slavery, consider our wars.  Wilson was a Democrat, Roosevelt was a Democrat, Truman was a Democrat, Kennedy was a Democrat.  The rest of our wars last century and this were largely undeclared wars “against the evil-doers,” noble humanitarian efforts to fight off the terrorists and the weapons of mass destruction, wars to avenge our winged pride after 9/11 and to free the oppressed peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan, all of whom are just itching to get them a taste of Christ’s body and blood!  Yeah, right.  And what did Clinton have instead of a war?  A continuing embargo against Iraq all through his term that cost the lives of over 500,000 Iraqi children, who died from a lack of clean water, starvation and the lack of medicines.  Add in the adults and you have going on a million people.

We have military bases in virtually every country in the world.  We send out missionaries and Peace Corps volunteers, most of whom work for the CIA to spy out those who would choose to not be oppressed by some U.S.-appointed puppet dictator.  Even heads of state elected democratically (Panama, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Cuba) are undermined and at times assassinated by our own CIA and foreign agents on their payroll.

So we have our fingers everywhere, and everywhere means there are Christians everywhere fighting hard for new converts.  The fringe and radical right of the Christian religion are people with a purpose and the Democrats have absolutely nothing to compare.

Even when the Democrats do something right, such as Obamacare, the public relations machinery of the Religious Right cranks up and vomits all over it.  All most Christians need is to hear from the head of the family, their pastor, or some Christian leader like David Barton or ex-convict Ralph Reed.  Christians are taught not to think for themselves, so they are easily led and believe what they are told.  They have their ears glued to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh all morning, and the rest of the day watch Fox News, the media arm of the Religious Right.  They do this to get confirmation of their values and beliefs, and all of these are passed down to their children, who eventually become voters themselves.

There are no more war heroes.  All of the generals and chiefs of staff are basically nothing more than shit-shovellers; they are not expected to win wars, just keep them going.  And the military is on a daily basis subjected to Christian messages and proselytizing, a clear violation of the First Amendment, but it’s the case nevertheless.

The only possible way the Democrats can win in 2016 is to win the beauty contest, which can overcome even deeply-held convictions towards one party or the other.  Obama beat McCain because he was young and good-looking and reminded people of Jack Kennedy, and he beat Romney because Romney’s a Mormon, which counted more than looks in the beauty contest:  Mormons are basically a Christian cult with a history of polygamy and pedophilia.  The beauty contest is why Gore nearly beat Bush, even though the Republicans should have won handily following Clinton’s second term.  I’m not saying Bush is ugly, he just looks like Alfred E. Newman or Howdy Doody and he’s just plain stupid, an automaton who learned everything he had to say phonetically.  He mouths words when he reads.

Democrats, think twice, you think Hillary can win the beauty contest?  The Democrats, home of the little guy, except that the little guy is the one who gets stuck in the shit in some Third World hell-hole war, or she’s the slave that was doing your great-great grandma’s laundry.  Dems won in 2008 because they were able to get the vote out and were excited about their candidate, as they should have been, and the Republicans just weren’t too thrilled about an old boring one-armed hack war veteran and his beauty-queen-governor running mate, whose main claim to fame in foreign policy was that you can see parts of Russia from Alaska.  Listen, if this babe had had Stephen Hawking’s or Lord Burke’s brain, I would have voted for her in the beauty contest in a New York minute.

Next time:  unravelling the strings that hold GW’s brain together.

November 13, 2014

Stephen Hawking:  One Bad Dude

Stephen Hawking (b. 1942) is an English scientist.  If you haven’t heard of him, you’ve probably seen pictures or videos of him in a wheel chair or communicating using his eyes and a special computer monitor.  He has a form of Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), which afflicted him during his college years and has progressively worsened.

In the meantime, he’s managed to write a whole bunch of books popularizing the kind of science he does.  His two most popular books are A Brief History of Time and The Grand Design; he’s even penned several children’s books co-authored by Lucy, his daughter.  Naturally, he also has a whole slew of academic articles to his credit.  After all, he’s still a full professor at Cambridge U. in Jolly Old England.

His main focus is cosmology, figuring out how the universe works, how it begins, how it will end.  In fact, one of his main theories involves a “multiverse,” positing the existence of billions of galaxies and more than one universe.

A freethinker has to keep up on his science, and that’s how I know Stephen Hawking.  His books make the explanations of String Theory and M-theory, black holes and the Big Bang just a little bit easier to understand.  This is complicated, mind-blowing stuff (try this one on for size:  the laws of nature are most likely different in different universes–gravity, Newton’s laws, Einstein’s theories–none of those might apply), and it takes a few minutes after reading something for it to sink in to the point where you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore.

A brilliant man under tragic, life-changing circumstances, making the most of what he has to offer the world.

Here are some mind-ravashing nuggets from The Grand Design:

String theory is described as a physics theory in which particles are talked about in terms of vibrating strings which have length but no width or height.  “They are consistent only if space-time has ten dimensions, instead of the usual four.  Ten dimensions might sound exciting, but they would cause real problems if you forgot where you parked your car.”  Most of the dimensions are “wrapped around” the strings in a kind of coil.  And Hawking always manages to slip a joke in here and there.

“The laws of M-theory…allow for different universes with different apparent laws, depending on how the internal space is curled.”

“…if we extrapolate to the distant past, all the matter and energy in the universe would have been concentrated in a very tiny region of unimaginable density and temperature…”

Hawking teaches the discoveries based on the work of Hubble (you know, as in telescope) that show that the universe is now expanding and that the farther away another galaxy is from us, the faster it’s moving.  Another scientist, this one working at Cambridge before Hawking’s time, Fred Hoyle, invented the term “Big Bang.”  The theory basically states that at one time the universe was so small (see above) you couldn’t even see it with the naked eye (does that make any sense?) and then exploded (the Big Bang), expanded, and eventually filled the universe with stars and planets.  “It was as if a coin one centimeter in diameter suddenly blew up to ten million times the width of the Milky Way…”  He explains that the speed of light, supposedly the fastest possible speed, does not apply to the expansion of space.  “…the universe was as small as the Planck size, a billion-trillion-trillionth of a centimeter…”

Are you serious??  Now you get the picture.  Read up, people!

Here’s a couple more:

“The realization that time behaves like space presents a new alternative.  It removes the age-old objection to the universe having a beginning, but also means that the beginning of the universe was governed by the laws of science and doesn’t need to be set in motion by some god.”

“…the universe appeared spontaneously, starting off in every possible way.  Most of these correspond to other universes.  While some of those universes are similar to ours, most are very different.”

“We create history by our observation, rather than history creating us.”

“…the multiverse concept can explain the fine-tuning of physical law without the need for a benevolent creator who made the universe for our benefit.”

Hawking, 72, a disabled scientist who is MORE than able to testify to the wonders of Nature.



November 12, 2014

Why have we made heroes out of vehicle mechanics and cooks?

Another Veterans Day yesterday and another reminder.  “America’s Heroes.”  Huh?  I was in the service.  All I ever did was get drunk and chase women.  Well, not really, but I was in the service, and I occasionally got drunk and I occasionally chased women.

All of us back then (sometime after Saigon collapsed in a heap of incompetence and broken helicopters) would have been stunned if we had received the same treatment today’s soldiers, sailors and marines are getting.  Yeah, go ahead, old man, stand up in the airport and salute a passing reservist for the cameras.  Go call your nurse, you’re drooling, you putz!  Sit the hell down!

I got lucky.  I got recruited out of basic training by the White House Communications Agency and worked two of my three years in civilian clothes, with long hair and a chip on my shoulder, in the basement of the White House playing with message traffic.  I worked maybe two 12-hour shifts a week and played tennis every day.  A hero?  Get outta town!

What the heck is going on?

At the close of WWII, our nation did what it was supposed to do, it wound down.  There were less than 5000 service men and women active one year after that war.  That’s the way it’s supposed to be.  Then America got the idea that we were the world’s policemen:  Korea, Vietnam, the CIA started to grow and become more active in Central and South America, also in the Middle East, the Cold War with the Soviets dragged on and on until 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down.  Somewhere in there we built over 700 bases that weren’t even on American soil!  And the number is still growing; we’re even putting bases in the former Soviet Union territories.

When I was a kid in grade school, we thought that half a billion dollars for defense spending that year was WAY too much.  Now it’s more like a trillion, and about sixty per cent of that is black, so we don’t even know if a trillion does the job.

When Eisenhower warned us in his farewell speech just before JFK’s inauguration about the growing “military-industrial complex,” he knew then that things were already pretty much out of control, otherwise he never would have mentioned it; it was a very strange thing for a president to say.  The CIA and the military by then had joined forces with munitions manufacturers, airplane builders, chemical conglomerates and support services companies, and these companies, with their government contracts, had spread out (by intelligent design) into all 50 states, creating jobs and boosting local economies.  What you gonna do then, cut jobs, kill business?

They already had us by the short hairs, especially Congress.  What representative was going to vote against funding that would take jobs and business out of her district?

Carter had already gotten us knee-deep into Afghanistan shortly after Vietnam, and Reagan’s forte, of course, was killing off Central and South American leaders he didn’t like, with thousands of innocent civilians as “collateral damage.” By the time we Bush-whacked Iraq the first time with an air war that was like a video game (who did Bush think he was fooling by trying to cut down on ground troop casualties?  He killed 5000 innocent Panamanians trying to get that country to oust Noriega and never even got front page for it–Bush the Elder, one of the most despicable, murderous, blood-hungry war criminals in our history, a bag of fart wind whose father got gigged for making deals with the Nazis well into the ’30’s), the military was out of control and all the politicians could do was give them more money.

The hero-worship thing started with a sonic boom on 9/11.  Now, honoring fallen firefighters and cops in New York City is one thing, but turning EVERY man-jack who puts on a uniform into a hero?  All part of the greatest PR scam of the century, the unending “war on terror,” guaranteed to keep those war coffers full and those CEO’s rolling in dough.  All of Bush’s buddies and his dad’s buddies made huge profits on the dead bodies of our 19 year-old grunts.

The Patriot Act.  Patriot.  Hey, NSA, you listening?  What the Patriot Act did was make all of us “patriots” by doing our part and surrendering our privacy to our own government.  The hero-worship of the military is nothing more than a smokescreen for robbing us of our liberties, making the video game warriors super-heroes, when in fact the vast majority are just working stiffs like you and me, getting drunk on weekends and chasing skirt whenever possible.

I say we need to run one of these “Fallen Heroes” commercials and then follow it up with a live shot of a platoon of soldiers in their barracks, doing what they normally do when the cameras aren’t on:  gambling, drinking, smoking dope and whoring.  Oh, yeah, forgot, and complaining.  Where would a soldier be without that solace?

Soldiers coming home from a perfect hell-hole in Vietnam got spit on and cursed.  Iraqi war veterans, some of them cooks and vehicle mechanics, come home to parades and TV cameras.  War doesn’t change.  Perceptions change, or are changed for us, if we’re gullible enough to swallow the Kool-Aid.

November 10, 2014

Idiot America, by Charles P. Pierce, The Greatest Book Ever Written!  Part IV

Here are a few excerpts from “the greatest book ever written.”  This wonderful little book has already solved a few gift problems for me with the holidays coming up, and I strongly recommend that you give it a try.  It will at once enrage and comfort you.  There are still some good people left in America, and Pierce is one of them.

“All right, hold on, Dr. Forrest, your concept of how you can out-and-out turn down creationism, since if evolution is true, why are there still monkeys?”  —  Larry King

“The rise of Idiot America today reflects–for profit, mainly, but also, and more cynically, for political advantage and in the pursuit of power–the breakdown of the consensus that the pursuit of knowledge is a good.”  P. 8, Idiot America

“We’ve been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of our culture.”  —  Pastor Ray Mummert of Dover, Pennsylvania, where the local school board was sued over the insertion of creationist materials in local schools.  Gee, I hope that doesn’t happen in MY community!  It would be turrible if we got hit oliver sudden by some of them thar intelligentsia types in Round Rock, Texas!

“Does God have a place in science class?”  —  Time magazine, cover, August 2005.  Two thousand five.  Two thousand five.

“…three of the Republican contenders for president of the United States (2008 election-Editor), in what was supposed to be one of the crucial elections in the country’s history, said that, no, they didn’t believe in evolution.  And the people in the hall cheered.”  P. 267

 In September, 2009, a couple named the Ruhls out of Fredericktown Ohio wanted to build a float for a parade in town, the annual tomato festival parade.  When they had finished, the float was quite distinctive:  it depicted President Barack Obama wearing a swastika on his arm that was linked to a Nazi flag.  The words “Wake Up America!” adorned a sign aboard the float.  Alas, the parade organizers nixed the float and the Ruhls hopes to take First Prize were dashed on a rocks of political correctness.  One wonders what the Ruhls ever did with it.  Maybe they sent it off to Hebron, Kentucky and the Creation Museum.

Here is what Pierce says:  “The Ruhls didn’t develop this view of the political scene all on their own.  Almost as soon as Obama’s hand left the Bible, there arose a loud and curiously atavistic opposition…What was startling, however, was the fact that a great part of the most hysterical reaction–the Tea Party folks, Beck’s Chutes And Ladders approach to political history, the free-range lunacy of what’s left of the conservative “movement”–turned out to be old-fashioned nut populism, straight out of Father Coughlin.”

November 9, 2014

Idiot America, by Charles P. Pierce, The Greatest Book Ever Written!  Part III

Last time I gave a quick overview of some of topics Pierce took on in Idiot America.  Let’s take a closer look at one or two of them.

Before I start, however, there is another important concept in the book that needs some explaining and that is THE GUT.  THE GUT is the source of the three premises:  any theory is valid if it sells, any theory or idea is valid if you say it loudly enough, and if you say it enough times it becomes a fact, and if you believe it fervently enough it becomes the truth.    THE GUT, as in perhaps “gut issue,” is an appeal to the most basic common denominator (“I just KNOW this is right!”).  The GUT is what politicians and preachers appeal to; it’s why the religious right chose to carry the flag of abortion (it’s a GUT issue, get it?) even though the Religious Right as a movement probably got its start when the government tried to take away the tax-exempt status of Bob Jones University, a third-rate radical right-wing think tank that poses as a college and which commits a hate crime about once every three seconds.

The GUT as presented by Pierce is multi-faceted in its implications.  You can imagine a fat white guy with a big gut carrying a beer and wearing a loud shirt and sandals; he always goes with the crowd because he’s too damn lazy to read anything; he spends 14 hours a day watching television, 10 hours of it Fox News, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage, and by the eighth hour he’s in a cataleptic stupor due to extreme sugar ingestion.  He lets himself be led by the nose by anything or anyone who sounds like they’re against feminism, socialism, atheism or Obama-ism.  He’s a combination of hillbilly gullibility, dumb honkey prejudice and altar boy superstition.  An addled-headed moron, a true American icon.  And he votes.

And who does The GUT listen to?  The Speaker of the House, who says “an embryo is a person…We were all at one time embryos…So was Abraham…Muhammed…So was Jesus of Nazareth…”  So was Hitler, so was Stalin, so was Pol Pot.  Uh, Jesus?  So Jesus impregnated his own mother as the Holy Spirit, became an embryo, and then became Jesus?  Dang, this immaculate conception stuff is complicating!  He listens to George the Younger, who said that creationism should be taught in public schools alongside evolution (70 per cent of Republicans DO NOT believe in evolution!)  He believes James Dobson, who compares the Supreme Court to the Ku Klux Klan, Pat Robertson, who said that federal judges are a bigger threat to the U.S. than Al Queda and that the toleration of gays and gay rights led to 9/11.  He listens to the Alabama legislator who proposes a ban on all books by gay authors.

He listens to the clearly demented owner of a museum in Kentucky who puts a saddle on a dinosaur and calls it “science.”

In 1990 a woman named Terry Schiavo suffered a cardiac arrest and thereafter was brain-dead. Kept alive on feeding tubes, she was moved to a hospice in 1998, at which time her husband petitioned the courts to have the tube removed.  This simple death-with-dignity case overnight turned into a media headline, as Terry’s parents fought her husband to keep their daughter “alive,” whatever that meant.  The hospice was besieged by national television cameras, Jesse Jackson, and every crackpot known to humankind.  The nurses were called murderers and Nazis.  Constant threats came in by phone and letter to the hospice, the nurses, the judges and especially the husband, Michael.  The hospice was compared to Auschwitz on a daily basis on national television.  The Schindlers, desperate to defeat their son-in-law, made up stories on a daily basis about how “cheerful” their daughter looked, and how it seemed like she would speak at any minute.  They talked about her coming home for Thanksgiving.  The Congress held hearings and actually called Terry as a witness.  Let me repeat that.  Congress called a brain-dead vegetable to Washington to testify on her own behalf.

The Religious Right and talk radio and Fox News all acted like they were the defenders of life to score points with their constituents, feeding off the popular frenzy and fascination with death, the fear of death, the fear of dying, and the refusal to admit what was the logical truth:  this woman had been brain-dead for eight years, she was nothing more than the end of a tube.  They were making their livings off this woman who was about to die.  What do you call people like that?  Monsters?

A man in North Carolina offered to kill the judge for $50K, and to kill Michael Schiavo for $250K; he was arrested by the FBI.  Another man threatened to storm the elementary school in town, and kill one child every ten minutes nourishment was withheld from Terry. They scraped him out of some bar.  He thought he was going to be hailed as a hero.

The head nurse called a priest to administer last rites, unaware that at almost the same time Terry’s parents had called their own priest.  That night the sheriff was called to break up a fight between two priests in the lobby of the hospice, a place of quiet and dignity.

Madness, sheer and utter, barking madness.  A vindication of the three premises as performed by the American GUT.

I will finish this book description tomorrow…

November 8, 2014

IDIOT AMERICA, The Greatest Book Ever Written!  (Part two)

Yesterday I began my exploration of Charles P. Pierce’s Idiot America and didn’t get much farther than the introduction.  This wonderful little book takes on a number of subjects, most of them contemporary, and demonstrates how those events, ideas or industries are evidence that this country is now in the clutches of a bunch of BIG FAT IDIOTS.

But he begins with a story about a true American “crank,” a person that Pierce admires because of his nutty ideas that never pan out, but supported by unflinching self-confidence, hard work and no fear of failure.  He looks at Ignatius Donnelly, who actually served in Congress out of Minnesota before beginning his personal descent into crankism.  He wrote a long book about Atlantis, espoused a crank science theory about the origins of the earth, and ended his writing career championing Francis Bacon as the author of all of Shakespeare’s plays, and probably Marlowe’s as well.  Why Donnelly?  Pierce admires the old American spirit of invention, inquiry and trying just about anything that seemed right at the time.  He admires the American “crank” because she’s not a phony, she’s not into marketing and advertising; she’s interested in ideas.

Donnelly is thus set up as the counterweight to the booty call of idiots Pierce unclothes in the rest of the book.  An idiot is too lazy to inquire for herself, she believes what other people say even though it’s plainly false, she believes it until it becomes a fact.

Pierce has three premises or cardinal rules:  1)  any theory is valid if it sells books, soaks up ratings, or otherwise moves units; 2)  anything can be true if someone says it loudly enough, and 3)  Fact is that which enough people believe.  Truth is determined by how fervently they believe it.

Pierce discusses a proposed NAFTA superhighway through the heart of America, talk radio, where conservatives, since the Fairness Doctrine was canned, have virtually taken over the AM airwaves, Freemasonry and the Knights Templar, 9/11, the Terry Schiavo walking vegetable case, a fight over teaching evolution in schools in Pennsylvania, global warming, and the lies we were told to get ourselves at war with Iraq.

In every instance some really stupid things are said and done, not out of ignorance or fear (well, not usually), but because of the three principles:  people do not want to know the truth, they aren’t even interested, all they want is to do what they’re told and then believe it.  How sad is that?  That’s how you get a senior arguing with a Congressman about entitlements and using Glenn Beck as their source of facts.  That’s how you get into Iraq, when no one in the administration is allowed to ask the question, Why are we doing this? and if they do it’s out the door and don’t be sore.

I should add before I get too far along here that in every chapter, Pierce starts out with a few pages on James Madison, what he said, what he did, what his house looks like.  Madison is one of his heroes (he should be the hero of every American, except, maybe, David Barton* and gang).  Madison wanted every citizen to become educated and achieve all her goals in life.  If the Fathers hadn’t had high hopes for this land after they stole it from the Indians, what would have been the point?  And I think Pierce’s point is that Madison and the others would have been very disappointed to look at America now, from the “dangling chads” election to talk radio to ignoring global warming.

(*David Barton has made it his personal crusade to trash all of the founding fathers because, for one thing, they were Deists, those who believe God once existed, perhaps to jump-start the universe, but no longer is active or alive and has nothing to do with our daily lives; for another, and perhaps mainly, they all believed strongly in the separation of church and state.  Barton will state that there is no such thing and, as stated in the 3 principles, if he says it loudly enough and long enough, people will start to believe it.  It’s how you wind up with dinosaurs wearing saddles.  Giddyup!)

(To be continued tomorrow…)

November 7, 2014

IDIOT AMERICA, the greatest book ever written!

Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free, by Charles P. Pierce (1953-), was published in 2009 and became a national bestseller.

Pierce’s first job was as a forest ranger in Massachusetts.  A short time later he began writing for magazines and newspapers.  He is currently a political blogger for Esquire Magazine, a sports writer for various outlets including ESPN and the Boston Globe:  truly a man for all reasons, and one who turned out one of the funniest, and saddest, books I’ve ever had the pleasure to buy from Amazon for a penny plus shipping.

Rest assured, the humor in this book is at times overwhelming, so funny it almost makes you cry or scream out in anger.  Let’s just say that a book that has as its main theme a dinosaur wearing a saddle has to have a big sense of humor.

The dinosaur in question appears at the Creation Museum in Hebron, Kentucky.  It’s a museum dedicated to telling the story of Genesis–you know, the first book of the Christian Bible–with figures built like they’re right out of the Smithsonian.  Except that this museum, its director and its patrons, extol Genesis as literally true.  And since the earth and mankind are only about 6000 years old, according to Genesis scholars, dinosaurs and people must have lived on the earth at the same time, and by golly (and this goes over really well in my state of Texas) we gonna rope summa them thar Deenos and hook ‘em up with livery.  Mr. Ham (not kidding), the director, stated to Pierce, “We are taking the dinosaurs back from the evolutionists!”  Pierce says deadpan of the visitors:  “This was a serious crowd.”

The museum takes patrons on a walkway through the entire creation story.  Adam and Eve are naked but somehow Adam has no penis and Eve has hair down to her legs and covers all the naughty bits, as John Cleese might have said.  The entire affair, Pierce implies, is a product of the Religious Right’s creationist tendencies.  Charlie Darwin, it seems, is not one of the favorite authors of this part of the country.

Pierce’s point, and so far we haven’t gotten out of the Introduction to the book, is deeper than just having a laugh at some incredibly troubled people.  He states that after the tour, no one asked any questions.  Have you ever seen zero questions after a museum tour with kids?  Everyone already knew the story.  There was nothing new to learn; the people were just there to bask in the glory of like-minded conservative Christian ideology.  These people need to support one another, because at least some of them, deep down, have to know it’s all hooey, but they’ve been indoctrinated by speakers, by their church, by their radios and televisions, their friends and neighbors and relatives, to think that evolution is “just a theory,” that also happens to present a godless universe, and by golly, they’re not having any of it, and their kids aren’t having any of it either.

If I were on a road trip and happened on the Creation Museum by chance, I would count it as one of the most memorable moments of my life.  I would stare, I would gasp, I wouldn’t be able to move or speak, I would explore every little detail, examine every nook and cranny, pose endless questions to anyone who would answer them.  I would cherish my time there because you don’t come upon the literal definition of stark, raving lunacy all that often.  When I got back in my car, I would laugh until it hurt.  And then I would mourn.  MY America, and this was the heart of intellectual darkness, the heart of idiot America.  (continues tomorrow, see you then…)


November 6, 2014

The 9/11 Conspiracy that Wasn’t 

There is a group called “9/11 Truth-ers” who believe there may have been more to the attacks on the World Trade Center than just crazed, spittle-flinging Muslims hot for the 72 virgins they were told they’d get to bed down with in heaven after being martyred.

Various forensic tests on the beams and other parts of the WTC rubble have shown no visible signs of internal detonation.  Building 7 is troubling, though.  It wasn’t struck by a plane and yet it collapsed flat as a pancake, just like the twin towers; witnesses tell of hearing explosions within the building and strange behavior on the part of building officials and the police.

It’s a bit different from the JFK conspiracy theories.  There, the CIA had a history of killing heads of state for political or economic gain for the U.S.–several in South and Central America, the president of Vietnam, attempts on Castro’s life, and the former prime minister of Iran, Mosaddeq, in the early ’50’s.  JFK was rumored to be about to dismantle or abolish the CIA, so it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the CIA was responsible for his death, especially in light of the botched autopsy, the missing autopsy photographs, JFK’s missing brain, and other evidence that disappeared between Dallas and Arlington Cemetery.  And, oh yeah, the head of the Warren assassination commission was none other than Allen Dulles, Director of the CIA.

So if the CIA killed or had someone kill Kennedy, the president of the United States, do you blame anyone for thinking that perhaps they were willing to sacrifice 3000 American lives so Bush could have his war with Iraq and finish what Daddy neglected to do ten years earlier?  After all, we’re dealing, generally, with mindless, brutal, conscienceless barbarians here, who specialize in death, torture, assassination and grand theft.  Iraq was and is a virtual goldmine for munitions manufacturers, support companies and builders like Halliburton (yes, Dick Cheney’s Halliburton), oil companies and chemical producers.

And why did construction crews haul off all of the steel and ship it to Japan and China after the WTC attacks?  Wasn’t that still a crime scene?  Of course the perpetrators died in the crashes, but we needed to connect some dots, right?  It looked to everyone like getting rid of the evidence.

It is suggested that a lot of valuable time and expertise is wasted on such exercises as conspiracy theories such as that held closely by 9/11 Truth-ers.  If we could put that talent to work doing something positive, like prosecuting the known war criminals in our midst, starting of course with Henry A. Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George the Elder, Bill Clinton, George the Younger, Cheney and Rumsfeld, and the president, perhaps we could start putting some of this behind us and move on.

America spends too much time on the present and forgets its own past.  It forgets that arming the mujahideen was the Carter administration’s idea, to lure the Soviets into a costly war in Afghanistan.  It forgets that a wealthy Saudi named Bin Laden joined in on the fun, and came out of the war a leader of terrorists hell-bent on the destruction of the U.S.  It forgets that Reagan and Bush the Elder funded and armed these people all through the 1980’s, and that afterwards, during the Clinton administration, more than a million Muslims in Iraq died from lack of food, good water and medicine because of the embargo begun by Bush the Elder and continued by Clinton.  It forgets that the only good reason America had for again invading Iraq in 2003 was that Bush the Younger was doing daddy a favor and finishing unfinished work from a decade before.  Uranium from Niger??  Please.  He lied his way into Iraq and the American people, still shell-shocked from the WTC attack, and swooned into a massive stupor by American Idol re-runs, swallowed their stupid pills and let it happen.

Who was most and originally responsible for the attacks on 9/11 if they are considered blowback by the Muslim world for evil deeds done by us?  Jimmy Carter.  Let’s give the man another Nobel Peace Prize!

November 5, 2014

Guy Fawkes Day, November 5

One of the ironies of Guy Fawkes Day is that Guy Fawkes was voted, in 2002, as the 30th greatest Briton; Guy Fawkes Day, or Night,  or Treason Day, or Bonfire Night, as it is often called (King James allowed bonfires to be lit in honor of his survival at the time of the failed plot), is celebrated in Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (and sometimes in America) because the 1605 Catholic plot to blow up the House of Lords and kill King James I failed.

Fawkes and his co-conspirators were tried in 1608 and then drawn and quartered. Guido Fawkes, as he also liked to be called, was a Catholic; at the time of the plot, Catholics were repressed by the Church of England, and the plot was one part of Catholic blowback, although Catholic persecution increased dramatically after the plot failed.  They got one back, though, when, in 1625, the future Charles I, King James’ boy, married a Catholic lady from France.  That year, on Guy Fawkes Treason Day, effigies of King James and Satan were burned all over London.

Remember, remember, the fifth of November…

It is speculated that perhaps the reason for Fawkes’ continuing popularity, besides the contrariness of English youth, is that he was trying to strike a blow for religious freedom, which England did not allow in 1605.  People today, even a nation as backward as England, are generally in favor of religious freedom.  Unfortunately, many too many here in America take advantage of the establishment clause to try to gain something they did not earn, as in the recent Hobby Lobby case, where the Green family claimed it violated their religious freedom to be forced to pay for insurance that covered employees’ contraceptive benefits.

Justice Scalia, whom I picture wearing a very large dunce cap at all times, as if born in it, stated that the belief that “life begins at conception,” which the Greens claimed to hold, was a “sincere religious belief” that exempted them from providing contraceptives as payor of health insurance.  The only question is, in which bible are the words “life begins at conception”?  In no bible, of course; it’s nothing more than a quasi-scientific (and bad science, at that) opinion that has as much to do with religion as a broken jackhammer.  It’s a sectarian opinion, leaving open the possibility that every little objection to obeying our laws could be backed up by some “religious belief” invented for just that purpose.

November 5th is still pretty much the biggest state holiday in England.  Probably because of the bonfires and fireworks, much like our Fourth of July.  That it was originally born out of religious persecution has somehow been lost in the short history between then and now.  And it seemed like a good idea at the time!

My next blog will examine the eschatological significance of the fool’s skull in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, as interpreted by Harry Flashman.

November 4, 2014

The Religious Right and Public Education

A few days ago I ran a series of blogs entitled, “Life of a Drudge,” wherein I attempted to show how modern education in America was steered towards babysitting the worker bees of the country instead of developing great minds, largely through prompting from early American industrialists and entrepreneurs who wanted to reduce future competition.  The aim was purely secular, having little or nothing to do with religion.

As we sit today, with more and more children going to parochial schools, private or charter schools, or being home-schooled, and with a wave of “voucher” laws being passed to pay private schools for teaching your kids, public education as we know it is under attack, serious attack, from the Religious Right.  “Whether through homeschooling or Christian schools, the goal is to ‘replace’ public education, which…is considered unbiblical.  According to Reconstructionism, the bible gives authority for education to families–not the state…”  Julie Ingersoll, Replacing Godless Hollywood with Bible-based Cultural Dominion.

“If we could get up to 30 per cent of public school students into home-schooling and private schools, the system would start to unravel and at some point implode and collapse.”  —  Exodus Mandate

Public schools are funded based on the number of students enrolled.  It is how teachers and administrators are paid and how facilities are built.  Some schools in Austin, Texas, where this writer lives, sit vacant for this very reason:  not enough students to justify opening the doors.  If the Religious Right continues to pick off children to the point where public education is no longer a viable government option, our schools could die.

“I hope I will live to see the day when, as in the early days of our country, we won’t have any public schools.  The churches will have taken them over again and Christians will be running them.  What a happy day that will be!”  Jerry Falwell

“Children are the prize to the winners in the second great civil war.  Those who control what young people are taught and what they experience–what they see, hear, think and believe–will determine the future course for the nation.”  James Dobson

You’re probably sitting there going, “What the hey!?”  It’s true, though.  There is a very, very strong movement in this country, anchored by the Religious Right, to move our country away from democracy and civil law and towards a theocracy and Old Testament law.  They have a carefully developed plan to take over every aspect of our society, and that includes the education of children.

If you haven’t really noticed anything…well, you have.  George the Younger, remember him?  He described himself as a born-again evangelical Christian.  He allowed his presidency to become a political pawn for the Religious Right.  Remember “faith-based initiatives”?  He brought them into the White House and our government; clear First Amendment violation, still being fought by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  He encouraged bible study groups and prayer groups at the White House; clear violation of the First Amendment.  His approach to various issues such as stem cell research, abortion rights, gender equity and even the so-called “War Against Terror” (“This is good against evil”) were all influenced by the Religious Right.  He virtually divorced the White House from mainstream science and scientists.  He became one of the ringleaders of Idiot America merely by allowing himself to be manipulated and told what to do, not by experts and people with expertise, but by religious hucksters fueled by the lust for power to change our lives into their lives.

The National Education Association (NEA) and other teachers’ unions are also under assault.  If you can break up the unions, you can attack the individuals (this is true for all unions and all workers–join your union or start one!).  The nut jobs have teachers doing everything from handing out condoms to fourth-graders on their way into school to having kids throw darts at pictures of Jesus to teaching them socialism.  As in all other things, the Relgious Right will lie because they believe they are achieving a greater good, so it’s all right (Islam has the same principle).  Their fundraising letters are hysterical, alarmist, spastic, laced with lies and total fabrications, and mixed with an abject and sickening beggary for money, traced in grotesque pirouettes of sniveling self-abasement.

“There is a great war being waged in America…This is a battle for the heart, mind, and even the very soul of every man, woman, and especially every child…it is America’s Last Great War…The combatants are secular humanism and Christianity…The Christian is the key to God’s victory over Satan and the atheism of secular humanism…Our schools are the battleground.”  Fritz Detwiller, The Christian Right’s Fight to Re-define Public Schools

In 2001, the Supreme Court allowed churches to use school premises on Sundays for worship services, etc.  Usually for free.  Another clear violation of the establishment clause, this time by the SCOTUS.  The Supreme Court, of course, has the final word, absent subsequent legislative action (pretty unlikely in this case as our Congress is slowly becoming peopled with evangelicals, Tea Party winners, and “stealth Fundamentalists.”  That’s someone who runs for office and acts like a ‘normal’ politician, and yet once in office exhibits Dominionist tendencies:  placing religion before service, participating in plans for an eventual theocracy, and most importantly, voting according to the wishes of the Religious Right.)

Let’s see now.  Churches already have tax-exempt status, school vouchers are being used to pay for religious schools, the Religious Right is hell-bent on destroying public education, and now, ironically, we’re allowing them to use our public schools for free?  How hypocritical to attack public schools and at the same time make use of their facilities!

Next time you take a drive on a Sunday morning, see if there are lots of cars parked by a school in your neighborhood; no, it’s not a wresting tournament, not on Sundays:  chances are church services are being held.

How do we fight back?  Always vote Democrat, virtually none of them belong to the Religious Right, although there are a few.  Make sure your kids are not being subjected to religious messages during the school day.  Check the tax status of church organizations that might be using the schools; if it’s not a church but a “faith-based” organization, it cannot vomit its superstitious tripe all over the school without violating the law.  And lastly, go to your school board meetings and check out what’s going on.  And vote Democrat.

November 3, 2014

James Madison’s Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments, Virginia Legislature, 1785

A bill was proposed in the Virginia legislature “establishing a provision for Teachers of the Christian Religion,” which would have given state funds to the Episcopal Church.  Madison led the fight against the bill, and in doing so, “memorialized” some of the greatest arguments in favor of the establishment clause ever written.

Here are a few excerpts:

“The preservation of a free Government requires not merely that the metes and bounds which separate each department of power be invariably maintained; but more especially that neither of them be suffered to overleap the great Barrier which defends the rights of the people.  The Rulers who are guilty of such an encroachment, exceed the commission from which they derive their authority, and are Tyrants.”

“Who does not see that the same authority which can establish Christianity, in exclusion of all other Religions, may establish with the same ease any particular sect of Christians, in exclusion of all other Sects? that the same authority which can force a citizen to contribute three pence only of his property for the support of any one establishment, may force him to conform to any other establishment in all cases whatsoever?”

“Whilst we assert for ourselves a freedom to embrace, to profess and to observe the Religion which we believe to be of divine origin, we cannot deny an equal freedom to those whose minds have not yet yielded to the evidence which has convinced us.”

“As the bill violates equality by subjecting some to peculiar burdens, so it violates the same principle, by granting to others peculiar exemptions.”

“During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of Christianity been on trial.  What have been its fruits?  More or less in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy, ignorance and servility in the laity, in both, superstition, bigotry and persecution.”

“If Religion be not within the cognizance of Civil Government how can its legal establishment to necessary to Civil Government?  What influence in fact have ecclesiastical establishments had on Civil Society?  In some instances they have been seen to erect a spiritual tyranny on the ruins of civil authority; in many instances they have been seen upholding the thrones of political tyranny; in no instance have they been seen the guardians of the liberties of the people.  Rulers who wished to subvert the public liberty, may have found an established Clergy convenient auxiliaries.”

“If with the salutary effects of this System under our own eyes we begin to contract the bounds of Religious freedom, we know no name that will too severely reproach our folly.”

The Treaty of Tripoli, President John Adams, 1798:

Reading, in part:

“As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Muslims; and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mohammedan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”

Now, boys and girls, the next time someone tells you our founding fathers intended America to be a Christian nation, feed them this and tell them where to stick jt.

November 2, 2014

Faith-Based Initiatives?  What are those, anyway?

During the term of George the Younger, it was decided to find a way to give government funds to churches without violating the establishment clause of the First Amendment.  The method devised was to use churches as part of the government’s social services network, with the churches doing the same things they were doing before (supposedly) to help local communities, soup kitchens, bread lines and the like.  One of the main provisos being that the churches could not discriminate as to who got help based on their religious preference.

Bush liked to call the newly-minted government welfare recipients “little armies of compassion.”  Onward Christian soldiers!

There was a gentleman put in charge of this at the White House.  His name was J. David Kuo.  He died on Friday at the age of 44, having quit his job and turning critic.  There has as yet been no link established between the two events; supposedly he died of cancer.

He was told–not yet having an office, a staff or even office equipment–that an announcement would be made in several days by the president, and that the new project would then be rolled out.

This gentleman was there when Karl Rove, the Younger’s Chief of Staff, gave the order to get moving on the project to one of his aides.  When the assistant mentioned the problems listed above, Rove thundered, “Just get me a fuckin’ faith-based thing!”  The gentleman’s first indication, perhaps, that what was going on had little to do with faith and much more to do with advertising and political appeasement of the Religious Right.

Kuo later said that Bush had used the office as a “political prop,” and that the billions of dollars promised never really materialized.  He was disillusioned over his experience, as evidenced in his memoirs.

Evangelicals were thrilled when Bush the Younger stole the election from Al Gore.  Finally, they thought, we have our man in the White House.  Younger had promised the faith-based initiatives during campaign speeches, acting like he had found a new way to show compassion for the poor and homeless, when what he was really after was the evangelical vote; like all politicians, after he achieved the office of president, what he had said before and what he did in office were two different things.

A faith-based initiative is simply a euphemism that allowed religion to get through the “wall of separation” (Jefferson) between church and state in Bush the Younger’s White House.  Even with some strict guidelines, the entire project is a violation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment and never should have happened.

It is just one more harbinger of the end of the world as we know it.  Mr. Obama, instead of doing the right thing and abandoning the project, continued it during his failed presidency.  Eleven-year-old school children are aware of the establishment clause, what was the problem with these seasoned politicians, these “patriots”?

November 1, 2014

The Life of a Drudge…the 99 Per Centers, Part III

Ok, so you’ve made it through school.  You have $120,000 in school loans to pay back.  You discover to your alarm that you picked the wrong major and you can’t find a job.  You don’t have a car and you can just afford an efficiency apartment.

So you take a low-paying job in retail.  You return home exhausted after a long bus ride only to find that everything in your refrigerator is bad for you.  Your apartment is filled with bedbugs and other creepy crawly things, but over time you fix those problems yourself and settle down.  You make just barely enough to pay your rent and utilities bill, having to cut down on food and entertainment.

You turn on the television at night and watch cable news, wanting to keep informed, but the channel you choose is Fox News, the mouthpiece of the Religious Right, and all of the stories are slanted against liberals, gays, public education and abortion rights.  You find yourself watching The Daily Show more and more, just to get a different slant on the news.  After a time you sell the TV for food.

Your phone and internet connection are tapped illegally by the FBI and NSA because you sent a nasty e-mail to your congressman concerning his support for the war against ISIS in the Middle East.  Everything you read, watch and say at home is monitored.

You voted for the Republican in the last election for state senator (he seemed less of a crook than the other guy), only to find he just presented a bill to declare the U.S. Constitution to be a “Christian” document.  The find out the book you just read by a guy named David Barton, a preacher, was withdrawn by his publisher because he made up quotes by Thomas Jefferson, whom he despises.  The book was later published by Glenn Beck’s company.

The black salesman in the next apartment was killed last week as he raised a newspaper when a cop told him to put his hands up.  He’d just bought the paper from a kiosk and was on his way home.  He was wearing the new $125 suit he showed you after he got home from Macy’s.

There are some religious right fanatics up the street who go up and down in a convertible saying prayers for hours through a bull horn.  Preachers come to your door about once a week asking for financial help, and when you ask for their peddler’s license they call you a “dumb honkey mother-fucker.”  When you tell them you will give them a dollar if they show you which nostril it’s going up, they actually point to one after feigning indignation.  You turn over the dollar as promised.

The air is bad to breathe, the food is bad to eat, automobiles accelerate and crash for no known reason, terrorists are pouring over the borders with Mexico and Canada, Congress hasn’t passed one bill in two years due to deadlock caused by Tea Party Republicans, you are eligible for food stamps due to your low income, you haven’t been to church in three years because your minister was thrown in prison for molesting 197 children over a twenty-year period.  And after that happened, you began to think.  And think some more.  And you began to read some authors you never knew existed.

And you became a free thinker, an atheist, an unbeliever, an infidel.  And it felt so good.  Yes, life is good, after all, because it’s all you have or ever will have, and every breath you take is suddenly sweet, without guilt, without a sense of sin, without a god looking over your shoulder or into your brain; without a future.

Well, you ARE still a drudge, you will never amount to anything in the world.  But at least your mind is free.

October 31, 2014

The Life of a Drudge…the 99 per cent, PART II

Yesterday I discussed how most of us have been “imprisoned” in an educational system that has no intention of educating us or our children.

That covers us for eight or ten hours each day, Monday through Friday, and sometimes on the weekend if you add in extra-curricular activities, field or sporting trips, and so on.

What about what happens at home to children who are raised in a Christian home, specifically, a hard-core evangelical/charismatic/Fundamentalist Christian home?

All babies are born atheists, technically anyway.  Atheism is a lack of belief in a supernatural being or beings, and we aren’t going to know about God or Jesus or any of the rest of it until someone teaches us.  This is also why the best term for an atheist who is above the “age of reason” is Freethinker; once you’re able to think on your own and have discovered that you are okay with a lack of belief, you are officially a free thinker, freed from the bonds of religious indoctrination and the fantasies and delusions and fairy tales and fictions that comprise religious belief.

A child at home is a captive audience even before school age has been achieved.  In many if not most cases, as soon as a child can hear and see, mom and dad are singing hymns and taking her along to church and reading from the Bible or turning on an audio.

When the child is old enough to speak and carry on a conversation, the teaching begins, not only at home but also at church.  A young child has no choice.  She listens, looks at the books, sings the songs, until one day that first “Jesus loves me!” comes flying out of her mouth.  The captive audience has arrived and is ready to rock.

This is the second prison many of us were thrown into.  On the one hand is modern education, hell-bent on turning out functional idiots to do the drudge work of the world; on the other hand is home-schooled and church-schooled religion and religious faith.  Our second prison, but the primary scar most of us keep through adulthood.

What do you suppose is the first thing mom and dad have their kids read aloud?  The Book of Genesis.  The fountainhead of creationism and intelligent design, the rock of church history, the epicenter of misogyny, disdain for knowledge, wisdom, inquisitiveness, independence, reason, free will, ground zero for good and evil, sin and guilt, crime and punishment.  These are the key ingredients for religious faith, and these are pounded in day after day and year after year.

And pretty soon you’ll have eight-year olds giving sermons at their church, cursing the homosexual, cursing the abortionist, cursing the prognosticators of global warming, cursing the unbelievers and the infidels, cursing the feminists for failing to do their duties, cursing other churches for not being “charismatic” enough.  And just like mom and dad, lusting after the day when Old Testament law takes over the land.

Those are the kids who “excel.”  The rest of the 99 per cent are simply doomed to a life of delusion in the belief in God, a life filled with mental complexes resulting from feelings of guilt, the sense of sin or the commission of sin, a life of scorn for females for committing the Original Sin.  Never free to live for today, always obsessing over death–what will happen when I die, what will it be like, what to I have to do to avoid hell and get to heaven?  Never allowed to think freely and critically, to wonder, to wander.

Is this second prison worse than the first?

October 30, 2014

The Life of a Drudge…the 99 percent

Born, go to school, maybe go to college, work, retire (if you can), die.  That is the life of perhaps 99 per cent of Americans, the only variable being the amount of schooling.  Everything else, everything, is constant and universal.  You might be a bridge player, you might be a hunter, you might play chess, you might have any number of interests, hobbies or obsessions.  It all amounts to the same.

The truth is, you, if you’re part of that 99 per cent, have been a prisoner your entire life, doomed to failure and mediocrity, boredom and drudgery, debt and more debt, chained to your possessions and to your television or music, addicted by alcohol or drugs or prescription drugs, a victim of cancer or mental illness, with no hope of ever rising above your GIVEN station in life.

Before education was mandatory in this country, some people got together–the “haves” of the country like John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie–and decided they couldn’t have millions of freethinking, creative entrepreneurs running around and possible one day competing with them.  They needed drudges to fill their factories and to do other work for them that was tedious, repetitive and relatively mindless.  The concept of modern education was born.

With the help of German influence, schools were turned into staging points for the future workers of the world.  You were never expected to actually learn anything, even up to the present day.  When schools like the old country schools, with multiple grades in the same room, were still run by teenagers looking for work, a fifth grader could read Emerson, Whitman, Thoreau and Moby Dick.  A fifth grader.  A child who is 10 years old.  Words were taught phonetically, students being taught to sound out words.

Prior to World War I, the literacy rate even among disadvantaged black folk was 80 per cent, with white literacy almost 100 per cent.  The rate fell between each successive world war; during the Vietnam War, over 600,000 potential recruits were rejected because they could not read.  What had happened?  Adopting the German system, which taught that education was to be a negative experience for each student, U.S. educators introduced same-age classrooms taught mainly by women to encourage bad behavior and classroom disruptions (I do not intend this to be a sexist statement; this was their thinking at the time).  They made sure no geniuses would come out of those schools ready and willing to challenge the Rockefellers of the world, the 1 per centers who sought to protect what they had and to eliminate future competition.

Ever since the turn of the century our schools have been factories for drudges and dummies, fit only for physical labor such as factory or warehouse work, or for menial jobs that require some mental skill but are far from challenging, such as clerical jobs, jobs like surveyors, mapmakers, city planners, accountants, or some jobs even more mentally challenging, like physicians, epidemiologists, veterinarians, chemists, nuclear engineers.

Your education was not tailored to your skills and talents; whatever skills and talents were latent in you were tailored, most probably downwards, by your education.  Those who escaped, people like Bill Gates, people who went through the system and still excelled, were rare indeed.  That is why we put them on the cover of Time Magazine or throw pies in their faces.  The vast majority of us succumbed to the dumbing-down process and “settled” for our jobs as businessmen, teachers, lawyers, factory workers, postal workers, clerks and retail workers.  We will all die, for the most part never realizing what has been done to us, just by our education.

Those kids we went to school with who regarded school as a prison were right after all.

October 29, 2014


As the mid-term elections close in on us, think about your candidate.  Can you trust her?  Is this person reliable and competent?  Are you sure she’s not a….stealth Fundamentalist?

If you vote Democrat or Independent, chances are you won’t have this problem.  Democrats tend to favor abortion rights and access to birth control, so you won’t find many of them chumming around with the Pope or David Barton.

If you plan to vote for a Republican you have several questions to ask, and it’s unfortunate but true:  the Republican Party is virtually run and is dominated by the Religious Right, so you have to find out if your candidate is running for office in order to SERVE, or running for office in order to SWERVE our democracy towards a religion-dominated theocracy.

Find out what church your candidate goes to, you may pick up some interesting clues.  For example, if the church has a web site and somewhere in their statement of purpose they say “we believe in the inerrancy of scripture,” you are probably dealing with a biblical literalist in your candidate; that is, someone who believes that God created the universe and everything in it in six days, that the earth is flat, that he made a man from some dirt and water and a woman from the man’s rib, and that at some point later on He caused the earth to stop rotating (made the sun stop) to give his followers more daylight to fight a war.

Now, a person who believes all that is literally the truth, uh, definitely has some issues.  But as far as your vote goes, remember:  if this person places the bible above the Constitution, places religion above democracy, places her faith above loyalty to her office and to her constituents, then if you vote for this person you are effectively placing a Christian Fundamentalist “plant” in office.  This person will join others in the Religious Right already in Congress and elsewhere, and who have already made their mark by refusing to yield or compromise if that means their faith will be compromised.

That’s one of the big reasons we have deadlock in Congress today; nothing gets done because a large minority will not allow bills to pass that they feel violate their tenets of faith.  One result of this, among many, is that the president becomes, through no fault of his own, a dictator, having to use Executive or Emergency Orders to get things done.  President Obama is currently being sued over this very thing.  But why?

Think about your vote; don’t waste it.

October 26, 2014

Robert Ingersoll, The Great Agnostic

Freethinkers everywhere need to get familiar with some of our roots in America.  One very important strand of that root was Robert Ingersoll (1833-1899), the son of a preacher who opposed slavery, an officer in the Civil War, fighting out of New York, and released from his duties after being captured and then turned loose.  The two sides in the Civil War had a working agreement that captured officers would be set free if they promised not to fight any longer, and this Ingersoll did.

After the war he held several jobs, including political positions, such as the Attorney-General of Illinois.  But he is remembered most for his stirring and unforgettable lectures and speeches, most of them having to do with his lack of belief in a supreme being and his opposition to the church.  Very much a supporter of the separation of church and state set forth in the First Amendment to the Constitution, Ingersoll wrote, “I tell you there is something splendid in man that will not always mind.  Why, if we had done as the kings told us five hundred years ago, we would all have been slaves.  If we had done as the priests told us, we would all have been idiots.  If we had done as the doctors told us, we would all have been dead.  We have been saved by disobedience.”  Perhaps this harkens back somewhat to the fact that Ingersoll came from preacher stock and he rebelled from that line.

So he was equally disdainful of leaders and leeches, and much to his credit, he had the temerity to put himself forth in the world and proclaim what he believed, or didn’t believe, with great gusto, eloquence and dignity.  He was such a gracious and noble man, and his speaking style was so mesmerizing that even many Christians delighted in his speeches.  As he wrote, “I claim, standing under the flag of nature, under the blue and the stars, that I am the peer of any other man, and have the right to think and express my thoughts.  I claim that in the presence of the Unknown, and upon a subject that nobody knows anything about, and never did, I have as good a right to guess as anybody else.”

Ingersoll was not only a freethinker, he was vehemently opposed to slavery and in favor of greater rights for women, and championed both causes, doing whatever he could to assist those movements.  But above all, he will forever be remembered as The Great Agnostic.

October 25, 2014


One of the most important elections in the history of Texas is about to take place.  Wendy Davis, a state representative, is challenging Attorney-General Greg Abbott.

Wendy is the underdog, Greg is the company man.

One of Abbott’s ads compares Wendy to the president because she supports “Obamacare,” President Obama’s only claim to fame in an eight-year term.  It’s really the only important piece of legislation he ever had passed.

It is hoped that perhaps Justice Ginsberg will retire before Obama’s term is over.  If she doesn’t, and a Republican is elected, chances are we could get another Justice Scalia, a man who apparently has utter contempt for the Constitution and believes that the U.S. is a Christian nation and should be run accordingly.

There is nothing wrong with Obamacare, except perhaps that it’s too complicated and creates too many additional government positions, with over 100 committees established to help oversee the program.  So to try to use this against Ms. Davis doesn’t score too many points.

An additional charge is that Wendy will support EPA regulations that help the environment and which many Texas oil men believe hurt us; Abbott of course is for less regulation and more pollution for the sake of Mammon, of which he will of course skim his appropriate amount.

Wendy’s main claim to fame is her fight for women’s rights to control their own bodies.  The bill she filibustered against two years ago, and which eventually passed, was recently declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  For a time, many abortion clinics in Texas had to shut down because of the new regulations contained in the bill that require hospital-quality conditions that small clinics find impossible to meet.

The problem with us Texans is that we’re used to doing things a certain way and having our way all the time.  This is compounded when the individual in question is also a right wing Christian Fundamentalist with dominionist or reconstructionist leanings.  Might as well be cast in cement.

So Wendy Davis does indeed have an uphill battle.  If voters would just remember that when they vote for a Republican they need to know what that person believes:  does he/she believe in our democracy and in the rule of law?  Or does he/she place Christianity above duty?  Because you could, for all you know, be electing a “stealth” Fundamentalist, someone who professes mainstream beliefs, liberal or conservative, but then abandons all that when he/she gets into office and makes himself a vehicle for right wing agendas.

That’s why I am now voting a straight Democratic ballot just to be on the safe side (I used to vote straight Republican until I realized how deeply the Christian Right has infiltrated the GOP; it’s become the nation’s first religious political party and it makes me sick to my stomach).

Vote Wendy Davis and you won’t be sorry!

October 24, 2014


The recent “attacks” on the White House in Washington, D.C. involving fence-climbers charging the building, have shown the world just how much America has learned since September 11, 2001, about making the country more secure.  Not much.  We can’t even protect the White House.  The White House.

To the world we still look like a bunch of dumb hillbillies who don’t know their rear ends from holes in the ground.

The last climber wasn’t even stopped by the Secret Service agents, but by two police dogs attached to the Service.  Dogs.  Dogs stopped him before the agents even got close.  He could have tossed or fired who-knows-what towards the building, including a Stinger missile if he had had one.

And this is just the beginning.  Every test of the TSA has come up failure, and in most cases the groups of men and women doing the testing are released before the tests are even completed.  Our government just sweeps it all under the rug, hoping no one will notice.

The worst, of course, goes all the way to well before 9/11.  Our national security is being compromised on two major fronts:  the first is American imperialism, including the installation of well over 900 military bases in foreign countries, some of them even in countries like France, Britain and Germany, where the only need for a military presence of the U.S. consists in stopping-off points for military forays into the Middle and Far East, and hospitals where they haul the dead and wounded from other parts of the world.

Now we even have bases, and big ones, in former Soviet bloc countries and even within the old Soviet empire.  Our base presence in Bin Laden’s home country of Saudi Arabia was the main reason for his anger towards the United States, causing the loss of thousands of lives in the 9/11 and other attacks on U.S. assets.  Resentment is high in many other countries as well, especially amongst average citizens, who have to live with the American occupation of their homelands; to them, our “heroes” are mostly drunken, arrogant rapists who vomit all over them as they try to go about their lives.

Our continual interference in the affairs of other countries in order to “Christianize, capitalize and democratize” their unique ways of life is an offshoot of our imperialism; it’s rarely accepted anywhere except by force or buying off the governments, and then it becomes a matter much like the former Soviet empire, a totalitarian nightmare and something the people will overthrow the second they are able to.

Our inability to “stay home,” because we are out protecting American oil interests and fueling the insatiable appetites of our war machine (munitions manufacturers, support companies such as Dick Cheney’s beloved Halliburton), in our endless war against “terror,” will continue to subject the U.S. to blowback attacks by other nations, factions, groups or sects, and we the common people of America are the ones who are going to suffer, much like the office jockeys in the World Trade Center did.

The second main cause of worry to our national security interests comes from within:  homegrown terrorists in the form of religious extremists, and we’re not talking about Muslims but about the people you sit next to in church every Sunday and who believe that if you are not a Christian, or not even the kind of Christian they think you should be, you are under a “curse” and are not even fit to vote or hold public office.  These are the people who kill abortion doctors and sing hymns on the way to prison, who want to install Mosaic or Old Testament law as our government, imprisoning or even executing homosexuals, adulterers, blasphemers and others who break the code, people who want to place Republicans from the Religious Right in every public office, and who want to take away all of your individual rights as a human being if those rights conflict with their Christian ideal of personhood.  Radical, fundamentalist Christians pose perhaps the greatest national security threat of all to our nation.  It’s about time we all educated ourselves about it; if we don’t, we won’t know what hit us when the “coup” finally arrives.

Endless foreign conflicts, internal revolution from perhaps the least-expected (and therefore most surprising) source, the Christian Right.  If we can’t find a way to deal with these threats, we’re finished as a free nation.

October 23, 2014

The fight over marriage equality is, legislatively, and in the courts, being won by the LGBT community and those of us who believe that our laws should extend to all people who wish to get married.

The argument is quite simple:  there can be no discrimination on the basis of sex or gender or sexual orientation. There is no moral language about whether or not being gay is a choice (it isn’t).  Our position here is that it’s NOT a choice, that people are born that way, just as they were born black or white, right or left handed, blue eyes or green.  You can believe that within a very few years science will reveal the so-called “gay gene” and the argument will effectively be over–except for a select few, of course.

The Fundamentalists of all the major religions (Christian, Judaism, Islam) will read the Bible literally on this subject while reading it metaphorically or symbolically on other subjects.  For example, most RC bishops and even the Popes of late recognize evolution as a valid explanation of how the earth, plants, animals and humans evolved.  Which means they don’t believe everything was created in six days or that the earth is flat under a plasterboard of stars and other planets.  There is no way to read the Bible and mistake what it says, and therefore it can be said that the RC Church either no longer believes what the Bible says OR it thinks the Bible is WRONG.

“Cherry-picking” is a favorite hobby of Christians especially, choosing those Bible passages as true which validate their own world view.  This is kind of like pulling cards out of a tower you’ve made.  One of these days the whole thing is going to collapse because there won’t be enough cards to hold the tower up.

And so even the Roman Catholic Church moves with the times now and then.  If this is so, and it is so with evolution, then why can’t it move with the times on other issues?

The Synod that’s taking place right now has some interesting sidelights.  One bishop has threatened (he’s an American and lives in America) to boycott signing off on gay unions or performing wedding ceremonies.  This takes his paycheck for doing a wedding away in some thirty states right now, states which have passed laws allowing marriage equality.  “Allowing” equality:  that phrase seems so, so…60’s, doesn’t it?  With declining church membership, all churches are going to get hit hard as their congregations dwindle and as someone else performs the weddings.  Once the belts start to tighten on these luxury-fattened, pampered churchmen and women, things will start to move.

Most kids growing up reflect what their parents say about gays, and much of that is not very good.  Their parents go to church Sunday after Sunday and hear the priest or the pastor or minister rail against gays and gay marriage.  They go home and repeat it to their kids at the dinner table.  The kids repeat it at school and the bullying of suspected gays begins.  This chain of events leads to a possible conclusion that those who preach this kind of hate from the pulpit should be brought up on charges.  This is already happening in Houston, and it’s a good thing.  If you preach hate and encourage discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, you are violating the law.

Until we start putting a few of these preachers in the slammer for a few nights, they will just keep it up with business and hatred as usual.  But the states will all fall eventually, and someday these holy hillbillies will have to find something else to whine about from the pulpit.

October 20, 2014


I’ve been reading a collection of essays in a book called “Everything You Know Is Wrong,” edited by Russ Kick.  One of those essays concerned today’s hot topic of domestic abuse, written by Phillip W. Cook.  You can learn quite a bit from a writer who approaches the subject objectively and dispassionately.

The main point of the essay is that, despite what appears to be the knee-jerk tendency to always blame the male, about half of domestic abuse can be placed on women.  Women abusing men.

The author shows that women are very often the first to throw a slap or a shove, and if the skirmish escalates, they are the first to grab some sort of weapon, be it a pair of scissors, a kitchen knife, or the .410 hanging over the door.  Women can be just as violent as men, even more so.

Men being abused is under-reported, and for obvious reasons.  Men not only fear scorn and humiliation at the hands of relatives, friends and co-workers, they are also afraid of going to jail. More times than not, when the police come to a home where there has been a domestic dispute, even if the man is the only partner showing the ill effects of combat, he is usually the one who goes to jail that night.

Men are also afraid to file for divorce from their wives over spousal abuse, because they are afraid of losing custody of their kids.

When President Bill Clinton signed the Violence Against Women Act in the 1990’s, the abuse of men wasn’t even mentioned.  There are virtually no hot lines for men to call or shelters for them to go to, although some organizations do take calls from both women and men.

When Stephan A. Jones was suspended from ESPN for one week for remarking that perhaps Ray Rice’s girlfriend had started the fight or had done something to make Ray react, he probably had in mind the kind of thinking I’ve been discussing here–men are abused as much, if not more, as women are, and just because there are two sexes involved in the fight doesn’t mean that one sex is ALWAYS to blame.  Admitted, men are generally in positions of power, our society is dominated by male leaders, our culture is patriarchal for the most part:  but let’s use a little common sense from time to time.  Men can be abused by women.

October 17, 2014

Rick Perry Actually Does Something Right!

The best way to stop Ebola from coming into the U.S. is to STOP PEOPLE from coming into the U.S. from Africa.

Today Texas Governor Rick Perry banned all travel into Texas from Africa due to Ebola virus fears.

Have we ever seen any one event so mishandled by our so-called leaders (except for Governor Rick today)??

What is the proper way to treat someone who comes down with a contagious disease?

A.  Fly that person overseas to America

B.  Fly that person around the United States, exposing potentially hundreds, even thousands of people


I would say the last option fits the bill.  Instead, what have our leaders been doing?  They allowed a man from Africa into the United States, sick as a dog; allowed him to vomit all over Dallas and Dallas hospitals, making several nurses sick (who promptly decided to do some traveling of their own, of course), before he died as expected.

This is not a liberal/conservative issue.  This is a public health matter, and no matter how many times authorities tell us they “have everything completely under control,” don’t believe them.  This virus could kill us all.  You know, it almost makes you think they are screwing this up intentionally, like the Mad Cow disease fiasco.  Why would they do that?

They’ve been flying doctors and others back from Africa ever since the outbreak made some U.S. citizens sick several weeks ago.  That was their first mistake:  keep them in Africa, give them the best care they can get, quarantine them, and they will either die or recover fully.  THEN, AND ONLY THEN, should they be allowed back into the U.S.

By enforcing Perry’s ban on flights from Africa into Texas (and this should also include connecting flights from Africa originating elsewhere, including in the U.S.), we can now concentrate on putting the toothpaste back in the tube instead of having a steady flow of problems into the state.

Being the world’s “melting pot” does not include taking every other nation’s sick people!

Way to go, Rick, you FINALLY did something right!

October 13, 2014

Every now and then freethinkers ought to take a step back and consider some of the major goals of the Religious Right as it expands its influence into politics and the courts.

“Dominionism” has been called conspiracy theorists’ “mot du jour” because no sane person would actually subscribe to it or admit to holding such a world view, i.e. that Christians have been mandated by God to hold dominion over every aspect of life in America, including its government. Perhaps the same might be said for “Reconstructionism,” a movement founded by Rousas John Rushdoony that advocates the replacement of civil law with Mosaic or Old Testament law and Calvinist prescriptions.

Where a movement is going is usually evidenced by the actions and words of its leaders, and we as freethinkers need to listen to what they are saying, even if dominionism and reconstructionism, if played out to their logical conclusions, would involve the most radical, and perhaps even violent (see Freethought Today, April, 2007, “The Christianization of the Military”), political and cultural revolution in the history of the Western World.

First, a brief aside: “gradualism” has been accepted by many respected Muslim leaders as the best way to infiltrate secular societies by small, patient degrees, and it involves six stages, including Sharia over the individual, Sharia over the family, the society, government and finally Sharia over the world.

Dominionists, including Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, have described the “Seven Mountains of Influence Mandate” (from God, of course), which involve the gradual takeover (by small, patient degrees) by dominionist-Calvinist Christians of government, business, education, media, the arts and the church.

D. James Kennedy: “As the vice-regents of God, we are to bring His truth and His will to bear on every sphere of our world and our society…” Rolling Stone Magazine, April 7, 2005. Gary North: “Christian politics has as its primary intent the conquest of the land–of men, families, institutions, bureaucracies, courts, and governments for the Kingdom of Christ.” The Changing of the Guard, 1987.

Somebody’s not going to get a chair, right? Both of these world-dominating views, Sharia and Dominionist, are long-term goals. Both come directly from the Koran and Old Testament as interpreted through the lens of inerrancy. Both are shockingly similar, and both involve a radical restructuring of our government and our lives. So before we get back to putting up another billboard, or closing down a team prayer, we need to take a nice, long look around and see where these absolutely serious and dedicated fanatics are taking us, and our world.

October 10, 2014

The forgotten clause in the Roe decision…

In 1973 the Supreme Court handed down its decision in the Roe v. Wade case.  It essentially legalized abortion, and has been the subject of conservative religionists’ ire ever since.

To me, the most important part of the decision was the declaration that, as a matter of law, an unborn fetus is not a person.  Thus, the destruction of that fetus before it becomes a person is not an act of murder, it’s a medical procedure chosen by women to be performed.  It’s the same as having a wart removed.

The Christian nut bags who’ve been running around for over 40 years now mad at this decision have tried their mightiest to change the definition of a “person” in the eyes of the public, but to no avail.  The law is the law, and until Roe is overturned by another Court at another time, and perhaps it will be, who knows?, a baby in the womb is not a person and has no legal right to protection.

The “killing” of unborn children, as Fundamentalists would express it, is not foremost on the Christian Right’s agenda.  What they cannot abide is that the Supreme Court has the final say on this matter, and they cannot control the Supreme Court.  It’s all about control to the Fundies, and if they don’t have it they become enraged like seven-year-olds who don’t get their way with their mommies.

All the picketing, all the marching, all the politicking to elect anti-abortion representatives, it’s all for nothing because none of that will ever change a Supreme Court decision.  All they are doing is acting out the futility of their position, of their future, of their lives.  What they seek is the very same thing radical Muslims seek:  total subjugation or death to all infidels.  That is precisely why the greatest threat to national security comes not from abroad but lies within our very own borders.

October 9, 2014

The Pledge of Allegiance…

Francis Bellamy, a Christian socialist and former Baptist minister, was the originator of the Pledge in 1892, which he intended to make all school children of all races, nationalities and creeds, feel a sense of unity as they recited the Pledge together in school.

Bellamy was a “former” Baptist minister because he was tossed out of his pulpit in Boston for railing against capitalism!  Bellamy was also a staunch supporter of the First Amendment and the separation of church and state.

The Pledge he authored went as follows: “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  The Pledge was later changed from “my Flag” to “the Flag of the United States of America” to avoid confusion for children who were born in other countries.

The Pledge, as envisioned by Bellamy, came complete with a salute, arm extended, palm down and then up, a perfect “Nazi” salute well before there was such a thing as a Nazi.  Needless to say, when the Nazis came to prominence, with their stiff-armed salute of “Sieg Heil,” the salute for the Pledge was changed to a hand over the heart.

Around 1940, the Supreme Court ruled that a school board had the right to expel a student for refusing to recite the Pledge.  This turned out to be the perfect way to deny about 2000 Jehovah’s Witnesses an education.  In 1943 the Court reversed itself after seeing widespread violence against Witnesses in over 300 American communities.

In one of the most blatant violations ever of the establishment clause in the First Amendment to the Constitution, the words “under god” were added to the Pledge in 1954 by President Eisenhower and by Congress, even though a Catholic fraternal organization, the Knights of Columbus, had been using those words in their Pledge for several years.  The moving force behind this change was thus Catholic in nature and appearance.

This small change, a clear abuse of the principle of the separation of church and state, has created misery and bloodshed through the years, as children of secularist/atheist parents and others who have refused to recite the words “under god,” have been harassed, bullied and ostracized by the Christian fundamentalist mob.

Adding “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance is akin to the congressional amnesia that accompanied a chaplain’s prayer in the House, and a standing House chaplain, the White House Prayer Breakfast hosted by the president every year, and the rampant Christian proselytizing going on in the armed services and service academies on a daily basis.

You would think a sitting president and members of Congress were familiar with the Constitution enough to know that “under god” was a serious breach of the separation of church and state, especially since the Pledge was meant to be recited in public schools.  PUBLIC schools.  That means taxpayer attended, taxpayer funded.

October 8, 2014

I am a member of perhaps the most famous atheist organization in the United States, The Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Each month I receive a newsletter, and in that newsletter there is usually a section entitled “Sharing the Crank Mail,” which sets forth various forms of communication sent to FFRF by people who call themselves Christians.

Here are just a few of the comments FFRF received:

“You prevent chaplains in FLA from saying a prayer before games, but you don’t say a word when the goat fuckers want to build a Mosque, aka recruiting ground, in Minnesota?  You just want to eviscerate Christians, you God less cocksuckers.  FUCK OFF AND DIE.”  My, what a pleasant thought!  Wonder who it was, the chaplain or the football coach?

“All of your children need a bullet right between their eyes.”  This apparently from a Fundamentalist Christian upset that Bishop Sheen re-runs were no longer available on his cable service.  Murdering children for the “sins” of their fathers:  golly, that’s such a touching and rational thought, reflecting, no doubt, the genius behind it, who, one may guess, picks his nose in church and masturbates in the church lavatory while his wife is munching donuts.

“What about the muslim that prays out in public, or in state parks.  What about the Jews who wear a yamaka?  Is it that you only attack Christianity because you think that Christians are meek?  If that’s what you think then clearly you need to brush up on your history.”  OK, we brushed up on our history:  Inquisition, lynchings by the KKK, the support of Hitler and the Vietnam War, the murder of countless scientists and philosophers for contradicting church dogma, the instilling of a sense of guilt in all believers, scarring them for life, opposition to birth control of all forms, leading to teenage suicides, botched abortions by hacks, the dumbing down of our school textbooks so our kids wind up way behind the rest of the civilized world’s kids, leading to unemployment, depression, alcoholism, domestic violence and suicide, and first and foremost, robbing countless millions of children and adults the opportunity to live life without illusions, fantasies, outright lies and delusions.

September 29, 2014

Why the Tea Party and the neo-conservatives have it all wrong:

A major platform of the Tea Party argument is:  “Let’s get back to our roots, to the ideals of the founding fathers and the men who made this country great, let’s get back to a time when all citizens were white and believed in God!”

Their contention that America is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles couldn’t be further from the truth:  which makes the Tea Party one big lie perpetuated by ignorant, Fox News-watching, Glenn Beck-listening, Koch Kool Aid-drinking, religious rightists and fundamentalists (even more right than right), people who probably have no idea who the first three presidents of the United States were.

The secularist nature of the Constitution (neither religion nor god is mentioned once) is no accident.  The process had been going on for nearly ten years when the delegates finally met to discuss and decide.  Many, if not most, of our Founding Fathers were deists–people who believed in a watchmaker God who withdrew after getting the ball rolling, and was heard from no more–a belief that many religious types at that time labelled as “atheist” or “infidel.”  

Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Monroe, even Washington and Hamilton, among others, were counted amongst the avowed deists of the time.  Jefferson’s deism was used heavily against him (much more so than his alleged affair with a female slave) in the 1800 election, but he won anyway.

All of them fought long and hard to forge the separation of church and state.  In the Treaty of Tripoli towards the end of the century, written by Monroe and negotiated by Washington, we stated explicitly that the U.S. is not a Christian nation.  If anything, the church at that time which represented what was going on in America more than any other had to be the Unitarian Universalist church, an offshoot Protestant sect.  Pluralism, diversity, inclusiveness, that was the goal of our Founding Fathers, hypocritical as it was (only white men who owned land could vote, and slaves were owned by everyone who had money; women were marginalized.)

So the next time you hear some Tea Party blowhard mention that our country was founded on Christian principles or that America is a Christian nation, please set them straight!


September 26th, 2014: A Southern Revolution

Anarchy is usually defined as a state of lawlessness and disorder, a breakdown of governmental authority.

Most people would probably agree that policemen shooting citizens at random (well, sort of) is one good sign of either anarchy or its opposite, totalitarianism, where the state has complete control over everything and whose agents can do pretty much what they please.

Such a situation is playing itself out in Ferguson, Missouri, a redneck town with a fairly lively black population, and no black officers on the police force.

On August 9 Officer Wilson shot and killed citizen Brown, who was walking across the street with a friend.  Brown was just a boy and was unarmed.

Officer Wilson was put on paid leave and still has not been charged or arrested by anyone for anything, much less for the murder of citizen Brown.

The necessary reports were either never filed or have been destroyed, because they do not exist, apparently, as was recently revealed in the mainstream media.  Those reports were not filed or were destroyed because there exists in Ferguson, Missouri a state of anarchy, led by the local police and supported by police and city officials, all white, all redneck, all racist.

As a result of this shooting, rioting, protests and various forms of anarchic behavior took place.  Further police anarchy ensued, with citizens and reporters and just plain old “Looky Lews” were clubbed, beaten, gassed and hosed.  Why?  Because in a state of anarchy, there are no laws.  Therefore, those who are most heavily armed have control.  In this case, even though many of the citizens of Ferguson no doubt possess firearms, they have not fired back at the officers.  Yet.

The only way to stop anarchy is to achieve greater numbers and greater firing power.  Once in control, a new regime can install whatever laws and rules, if any, it deems reasonable and necessary.

There is one way this could happen.  Much like the Freedom Rides of the 1960’s, busloads of armed and concerned fellow citizens could travel to the fair city of Ferguson, converge, join forces with armed citizens of Ferguson and either attack or counter-attack the police firepower until every officer and town official is dead or dying.

If they want anarchy, if they are going to shoot unarmed citizens without cause or common sense, if they are going to cover up the evidence, then in my view they should be paid back in kind.  With violence, chaos, anarchy, revolution.

Now, what’s unreasonable about any of that?

August, 31st, 2014

As the U.S. once more contemplates sending our troops into battle in Iraq, we as American atheists need to take a long look at what we can do to stop the war, the violence, the assassinations, and especially, the killing of our young people in combat overseas.
We have already taken the first step in identifying “faith” as perhaps the key adverse element in world conflict, whether it be Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia or the Sudan, as well as the greatest obstacle to educational advancement (particularly in the sciences) and political rapprochement here at home.
But simply identifying the main problem is not enough and will not save us, not from attack, not from economic collapse.
Ever since 9/11/2001 we have seen the rapid growth of politico-religious jingoism and the “hero-ization” of anyone wearing a service uniform. Fundamentalist Christianity has, for example, virtually taken over the service academies; “God Bless America” is sung at many baseball games between innings; generals have been quoted as believing that God is guiding our foreign policy and is acting through our presidents.
Neo-militarism has become one of the biggest public relations scams in our history, aimed directly at gathering support for our imperialistic foreign policy and unending “war against terror,” and benefits mainly the military, the munitions and weapons manufacturers, support companies such as Halliburton, and indirectly the big oil companies who see the fruits of our overseas labors in terms of new markets and new trade routes.
For a starter, don’t swallow the Kool-Aid. Discourage open displays of militarism in your family, on your street, in your schools, at your events. Be prepared to explain why you feel this way. Try to make others realize that conformity is not your thing, that you think for yourself and they should too.
The new militarism is wedded to the misplaced alliance of faith and morality; perhaps if we show our opposition to war and warlords we may eventually create an epistemic re-evaluation of faith.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Being an atheist simply means I lack belief in a higher or supernatural being, God or gods.  That fact has nothing to do with the rest of my life:  it doesn’t mean I burn bibles or spit on babies or, on the other hand, give lots of money to charity.

Atheism is an epistemology, and it does not make a person good or bad.  The rest of the atheist’s life is hers or his.

This includes political beliefs or affiliations.  For many years I was a diehard Republican.  Recently I’ve grown alarmed at the takeover of the Republicans by the Tea Party and Fundamentalists; the Republican Party is fast becoming our first religious party in the U.S.

Good news today, though, when a federal court threw out a Texas law that closed down many women’s health centers and abortion clinics.  I believe a woman, as evidenced in Roe v. Wade, has the right to decide whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, and further, what she can do with her own body.

Wendy Davis, candidate for governor, was on the winning side of this debate, while AG Greg Abbott was on the wrong side, and, like every other sore loser, has already vowed to appeal the lower court decision.

A good day for Texas and Texans.

Science and Religion–The “Quick Study” Atheist: Let’s Read!

It’s only been fairly recently that I’ve been reading all of the atheist-oriented literature I can get my hands on, but one thing that has surprised me, perhaps more than anything, is the amount of science–hard, difficult science–that I’m picking up.

If you begin to study atheism, one of the first things you learn is that religion has put science back centuries.  One writer I’ve encountered even suggested we could conceivably have had a man on the moon by 650 A.D. if it hadn’t been for religion persecuting and censoring and banning science and scientists and fostering fantasies and fictions.

It has given me hope on one issue:  it seemed to me that Fundamentalists were running roughshod over our government, our military and our schools.  Schools in particular, because that is where you can turn a young mind into a soldier.

But the “Intelligent Design” crowd is not winning the fight in schools.  They have no scientific peer reviews to back up their claims, and their only hope is to get an audience as scientifically backwards as they are, and sometimes they do, but not as often as I had feared.

You learn about evolution and you read Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins.  You learn about how the universe works and the Big Bang and how and when the earth was formed, and you read Stephen Hawking.

And suddenly you are reading quantum physics, quantum mechanics, cosmology, anthropology, paleontology, psychology, and you learn about quarks and Higgs bosuns, the reduced Planck mass and black holes.

It’s a journey you just weren’t expecting, but that’s the kind of ammunition  one needs to begin to wage a private or public war against the forces of ignorance, bigotry, misogyny and racism.  The backbone of religion. 

If you learn how the universe works, how it expands and contracts and then expands again, how mass and energy have always been there, how the human eye evolved, how old the earth is, then you have a lot of what you need to defend yourself or stage a surprise attack on your opponents or your audience.

Take a look at some of the suggested reading titles.  It is by no means a full list or even a big one, but they are all books that have helped me along on my own journey.  David Mills, author of Atheist Universe, stated somewhere in that book that Amazon has only about 400 atheist titles listed, so things are just getting started.  Dawkins and Dennett are getting up there in years and Hitchens is gone, so we will be relying on many of the young guns that are making waves right now, including Mills and people like Sam Harris and Michel Onfray.

Do yourself a favor:  read, read and read some more!  Jack Mathys, editor

How the Bible was Invented, by M. M. Mangasarian

(Summary and Highlights)

M. M. Mangasarian, 1859-1943, was a “reformed” minister who was active in the American rationalist and secular movements.  This short book was delivered as a lecture in Chicago in 1911 and still rings true today.

Mangasarian, of Armenian descent, claims here that the Bible “is an Oriental book” and therefore is full of lies and deception, much in keeping with the culture of the East.  And this is not only in the way the Bible was written, or “invented,” but in what it says.

Paul of the New Testament admits to being full of “craft and guile” and can be “all things to all men.”  In Thessalonians, Paul says that in support of Christianity, “God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe in a lie.”  Even God is a liar and schemer.

The author also claims that early Christians plagiarized pagan literature, such as that of Seneca, Pliny, Tacitus and Marcus Aurelius, and put it into their own works.  An “age of literary fraud” characterized the first few centuries after Christ supposedly was crucified.  Mangasarian is openly indignant:  “when I picture to myself an Asiatic scribbler, a sectarian, a clown, a rogue, a cheat, tampering with the works of a dead master…defiling the thought of the philosopher with the foulness of his superstition!”

In the transition from paganism to Christianity, culminating with the reign of Constantine in the 4th century, many buildings, shrines, monuments, as well as many literary and philosophical works of the pagans were destroyed by the Christians–“whatever was deemed unfavorable to the new religion.”  Sound familiar??  Such actions were a fitting prelude for the totalitarian reign of Constantine!  After Christ (if Christ even existed), there were only a few hundred Christians in the world, but the religion slowly gained momentum until, under Constantine, it shook the world.  Very similar to the beginnings of the Nazi movement in Germany after the loss of World War I.

The Bible, a book the authorship of which is full of lies, deceit, manipulation, plagiarism and fraud, is even, according to the author, less moral than it is true.  “A book which commands murder, plunder, persecution for opinion sake, slavery and credulity of the most abject kind, can not very well be recommended as a moral text-book.”

It is indeed strange to read a “man of the cloth” stating that most of the stories in the Bible are “pure fabrications,” and that most of the authors were “myth-mongers” with personal and political agendas, hoping that their crimes would be glossed over in the name of “righteousness.”  

He even claims that the so-called authors of the four gospels were in fact long dead when the gospels were written, and that “religious partisans” used their names to disguise their forgeries and other misdeeds in presenting these works as inspired by God.

The Bible, fraudulent as it is and with a history that spans over twenty centuries, was certainly NOT the inspired word of God.  It was a collection of made-up or stolen stories, poems, parables and biographies, written by a bunch of hustlers and thieves with no scruples or hesitations, but with plenty of agendas–personal, political, cultural and social.  It is possible even the story of Christ is a total fabrication:  what evidence do we have that he even existed?  Very little and even that highly questionable.

“The Bible has for centuries blocked the way of progress.  As an infallible book it has enslaved conscience and encouraged intolerance..”

The tyranny of the Bible.  So many stories, so little truth, so little authenticity.  Perhaps the greatest scam, literary or otherwise, in the history of mankind.

Michel Onfray’s The Atheist Manifesto: The Case Against Christianity, Judaism and Islam

Summary and Highlights:

Part One

One of the monumental works of modern atheist thought, Michel Onfray’s Atheist Manifesto:  The Case Against Christianity, Judaism and Islam is worth an in-depth look.  

Michel Onfray:  French, born 1959, author of over 50 books, all of them in French with rare translations into English, such as the Atheist Manifesto (2007).

The book begins with a rifle shot from the very first line after the title page, a quote from Nietzsche’s Ecce Homo:  “The concept of ‘God’ invented as a counter-concept of life…”  A “concept.”  An idea.  Something formed in the mind.  Whose mind?  God is man-made.  God made in man’s image and not the other way around.  And a “counter-concept of life”?  Something opposed or contrary to or wrong.  Man inventing his own destruction, but perhaps in order to avoid destruction or death.  The opposite of human life is God, made divine, all-knowing and all-powerful–all the things that mankind isn’t, in order to flee from death with dreams of living forever, like God and under His protection.  Man invented God, heaven, the soul, eternity–in order to escape the cycle of life and death.  A flight from life:  death-in-life.  

“The concept of the…immortal soul, invented in order to despise the body, to make it sick.”  Remember Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden–clothing themselves after they realized they were naked.  The bite from the apple of the Tree of Knowledge.  They chose, Eve chose, knowledge over immortal life (the fruit of the Tree of Life), the greatest symbolic decision in the history of mankind, even though just a fable.  Knowledge is bad, the human body is bad–“Gosh, I could’ve had a bite from the Tree of Life!”  Adam and Eve sinned, according to the rules set down for them, by choosing knowledge over immortality.  Only the soul remained immortal, thus the body is to be despised, shamed, covered and punished.  But where is the soul?  The soul belongs to God (or Satan), so it doesn’t matter what happens to the body as long as the soul is prepared for God.  Is there anything to compare in hopelessness to such a rendering of life as a meaningless exercise in futility as we wait to die and join God in heaven?


Onfray: “The invention of an afterlife would not matter so much were it not purchased at so high a price:  disregard of the real, hence willful neglect of the only world there is.”  “Atheism is in harmony with the earth.”  

Mankind got rid of death by doing away with it–by wishing it away, with wishful thinking and daydreaming, God and the afterlife, the spirit and the soul, heaven and hell.

Atheism is life-affirming, body-affirming, knowledge-affirming, whereas religion is nothing more than a fantasy, some say a delusion (which is, by the way, a mental illness (“Atheism is not therapy but restored mental health.”)).  Onfray’s main gripe is not so much with the individual believer–anyone is free to believe what they want, and if they want to fill their heads with fantasies, fables and delusions, they are welcome to it, although they are encouraged to think and work through it–but rather with those who turn those individual fantasies and fairy tales into something much more sinister and organized:

“My atheism leaps to life when private belief becomes a public matter, when in the name of a personal mental pathology we organize a world for others.  For between personal existential anguish and management of the body and soul of our fellow human beings, there exists a whole world in which those who profit from human anguish lurk in concealment.”

Religious leaders and churches compound the harm that is done to the individual by spreading the pathology, “like manure,” all over the world.  We are led by the nose by others whose agendas run far away from the me and him as they push their way into the world seeking to control and bodies and souls of others.  

We have ample evidence of what that entails–the purges, the genocide, the inquisitions, the banishments, even to the point of collaborating with a genocidal government like Nazi Germany.  To this day, the Catholic Church has failed to officially apologize for its role in the Holocaust, only recognizing the State of Israel in 1993.  

And all the way down to the money-grubbing, grandma-robbing televangelists, who prey on the old, the sick and the infirm day in and day out until they get every last penny some people have; money given to reaffirm a dream, money taken to buy a new Caddy.

Onfray champions a new Enlightenment, a new Age of Reason:  “Sound use of our understanding, rational ordering of our minds, implementation of a true critical will, general mobilization of our intelligence, the desire to evolve while standing on our own feet–all these are strategies for dispelling phantoms.”

In Texas, where I live, there is a yearly battle over school textbooks and what they will teach, specifically evolution versus or in addition to creative/intelligent design (just a fancy way of saying that God created the universe).  No other country goes through these kinds of battles over the minds of our kids, because virtually the rest of the civilized world recognizes the correctness of the evolutionary model of being and creation.  The U.S. is the only country where we are willfully trying to “dumb down” our own kids for the sake of a demented religio-political agenda; and our science and math test scores keep going down and down.  Moms and dads are willing to sacrifice the futures of their own kids in order to prove a pseudo-scientific point that has virtually no scientific support, anywhere, in order to advance their twisted religious views of how the rest of society ought to raise its kids and live its lives.

Onfray uses the term “atheology” to describe his modus operandi, the philosophical deconstruction of religion right down to its roots, using psychology and psychoanalysis, metaphysics, archaeology, paleography, history, mythology, and so on.


Onfray believes we are in the midst of a “cult of nothingness,” an atmosphere of hopelessness and nihilism, of which the announcement (by the New York Times some 50 years ago) that “God is dead” is only a small component.  After all, can a fiction die?  Ask your religious friends how old God is.  Is it possible he could die, or has?  How do you know?  Why is it important if God is invisible or unknowable anyway?

The author puts it this way:  “God, manufactured by mortals in their own…image, exists only to make daily life bearable despite the path that every one of us treads towards extinction.”  So far from killing God, the illusion (or delusion) that is God “puts to death everything that stands up to him, beginning with reason, intelligence, and the critical mind.”  Remember our Tree of Knowledge–Eve sought knowledge, even at the price of mortality, and was punished for it.  Ironically, a noble act of rebellion that reverberates to this day.  Isn’t that what the whole abortion debate is over?  A woman chooses to control her own body using her critical thinking about the choices she has, and, ever since Roe v.Wade, has been shunned, shamed, bullied and put down, especially by other women (who know their place, yes!).  The battle over abortion has nothing to do with fetuses or babies; it’s entirely about misogyny and women’s rights, other people who think they know better how women should manage their bodies and what decisions they should make.  It is a manufactured mob rule instigated by preachers and hard-liners; it’s refusal to accept a Supreme Court ruling is just one example of how the rule of law means nothing to many of our citizens when pitted against a misguided religious zeal based on delusions and fantasies.

One of Onfray’s major points in the book is the association between religion and death:  “Creation of the divine coexists with terror of the void in a life that must end.”  Religion is born of fear, not only of daily dangers and thoughts of future dangers, but from fear of our final end–death, termination, extinction.  Denial turns death into a new beginning, and so is born God, heaven, the spirit and the afterlife.  Onfray believes that belief and disbelief were simultaneously born:  God and the devil, life or no life after death.  Atheism rejects the fiction of God that man invented in order to flee a certain mortality.

From the beginning, the authorities used these fictions to consolidate their power over their subjects, a point brought home by Hobbes and Spinoza.  If the leader says that God exists and He is on the side of the earthly throne, then all who disbelieve are anti-social rebels to be cast out or cast aside.  As most of the words used to describe atheists are negative–impious, unbeliever, miscreant–the life-affirming and positive aspects of atheism are never given a chance to show forth.  Belief in God soon becomes a government imperative in order to keep the sheep inside the pen.  Onward Christian soldiers!

While ridiculing and ostracizing atheists, religionists have come up with some completely novel ways of worshipping their god or gods, and with impunity:  Roman cults of filth, farts and sewers, cow dung and urine used by the Hindus in their ceremonies, even Ezekiel had a recipe (inspired by God, of course) for using human waste in cooking.  Weird, huh?  But at least they aren’t atheists!

The few times in the history of Christianity when unbelievers had the upper hand were short-lived, such as the French Revolution in the late 18th century, when churches were turned into hospitals and schools, and atheists were free to write as they pleased without fear of blowback.  The term “atheist” throughout much of Western history was attached to anyone who resisted the norm, authority or the rules of society.  As Onfray puts it, “The atheist was a man free in God’s eyes–and ultimately free to deny God’s existence.”  What could be more liberating than to refuse to participate in the mass stupidity and infantilism that created the fictions of God, the angels, heaven and hell, everlasting life and answered prayers??  American cinema always seemed to make a hero out of the strong, silent, smart loner-types; and, although it cannot be said that any great films with a great hero were ever made on the subject of atheism, it can be asserted that you seldom saw such a man or woman praying or calling out to God when things went south or got rough.  The “atheist” has been brought up to be an anti-social loner with a mean streak and libertine ways–it’s high time atheists formed a more cohesive unit, communicating and networking with one another in order to try to stave off the constant threat of theocracy in our schools, our courts, our Congress and our White House.

Onfray recommends to his readers several early works: Jean Meslier, whose book entitled Memoir:  Clear and Evident Demonstrations of the Vanity and Falsity of All the Religions of the World, was published after his death, in 1729 (From Common Sense:  “If they would but take the trouble to sound the principles upon which this pretended science (theology) rests itself, they would be compelled to admit that the principles which were considered incontestable, are but hazardous suppositions, conceived in ignorance, propagated by enthusiasm or bad intention, adopted by timid credulity, preserved by habit, which never reasons, and revered solely because it is not comprehended.”  Baron d’Holbach, The System of Nature, 1770 (he also wrote Good Sense Without God, from which one can glean:  “…religion is the art of turning the attention of mankind upon subjects they can never comprehend.” “When the brain is troubled, they believe everything, and examine nothing.”).  Ludwig Feuerbach, The Essence of Christianity, 1841, in which he asserts that men created God in their own, opposite or inverted, image.  We are weak, God is all-powerful, etc.  “Religion thus becomes the exploitation par excellence of man’s vulnerability to deception.”  

And then comes Nietzsche:  “For the first time, radical and well-thought-out post-Christian thinking appeared on the Western landscape.”  Nietzsche went beyond a mere assertion of atheism:  he claimed a new set of morals, a new value system was needed–God is no more, now what?  In order to go beyond mere nihilism we need to follow the path of atheism where it leads.   And where it leads is towards a life-affirming, fearless new chapter in philosophy:  a new Enlightenment based on reason, critical thinking and a deconstruction of (especially) the new anti-philosophy that threatens to usher us right back into the Dark Ages.

Onfray believes we are in the beginning stages of a “post-Christian era,” as we now sit somewhere in the transitional phase from Christian to post-Christian.  Whereas atheism and philosophy look to the future, religion still looks to the past, insisting on imposing its rigors, fables and fictions, social and cultural conservatism, on one and all, while remaining politically reactionary and personally nostalgic.  It is no longer Jews and Christians against Islam, but rather all monotheisms against a new progressive atheism hell-bent on saving the world from being destroyed by religion!

Our current age Onfray characterizes as “nihilistic,” and perhaps mostly because we are nearing the end of the Christian era marked by violence, hatred, discrimination, brutality of the worst kind for the last thirty centuries.  Everything is permitted because there is a God, in the name of God.

“God’s existence, it seems to me, has historically generated in his name more battles, massacres, conflicts and wars than peace, serenity, brotherly love, forgiveness of sins, and tolerance.” 

He makes an interesting point:  while the current age is decidedly not atheistic, the Judeo-Christian man or woman on the street has for a while been allowed to study and discuss many theological issues without priestly intercession; those who look forward to a post-Christian era should be wary that irrational beliefs and superstitions may become exaggerated by the so-called “mob” left to its own devices, as it were, possibly ushering in a new period of Inquisition and persecution of non-believers and “infidels”: “…their former subjects remain submissive, manufactured, formatted by two millennia of history and ideological domination.”

Our society, such as medical care and the courts, is still based largely on a Judeo-Christian ethic.  Look at the recent Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court, in which Justice Alito decided with four other male justices that the owners of Hobby Lobby did not have to pay for contraceptive care for female employees because the Green family, which owns the chain, held a “sincere religious belief” that life begins at conception (not even a religious belief, but a pseudo-scientific opinion)!  Our courts are based on the notion described in the very first book of the Bible–men and women have free will, and if they choose to do evil instead of good, they will be punished for their crime if they are held responsible.

Religion is so deeply imbedded in our culture and in almost everyone’s psyche.

“Man is forbidden to seek awareness; he should be content to believe and obey.  He must choose faith over knowledge, suppress all interest in science, and instead prize submission and obediance.”

Onfray recommends an “atheistic atheism,” that is, instead of a bellicose denial of God shouted at the top of our lungs, a going to work on “postconflict reconstruction.”  “Negation of God is not an end in itself, but a means of working toward a post-Christian or frankly secular ethic,” one that builds new paradigms to work and live by.  It’s one thing to say there is no God, it’s quite another to live it out ethically and morally.

“The next step is to formulate a new ethic and produce the conditions for a true post-Christian morality in the West–a morality in which the body is not a punishment; the earth ceases to be a vale of tears; this life is no longer a tragedy; pleasure stops being a sin; women, a curse; intelligence, a sign of arrogance, a passport to hell.”


When the gods of the three main monotheisms were created, they were done so in man’s own image, faults and all: “violent, jealous, vengeful, misogynistic, aggressive, tyrannical, intolerant…”  Onfray returns to one of the main points of his book:  God was invented so man could avoid death, so man could live after death, so man could defeat death.  And the result is:  “Their glorification of a (fictional) beyond prevents full enjoyment of the (real) here below.  And what motivates them? The death instinct and unceasing variations on that theme.”

“Live for today” we used to say in the ’60’s.  What I didn’t realize then was that this statement could not be more secular; for the Christian lives…for tomorrow!  Disdaining the body and all its pleasures, waging war to provoke an end-time scenario, dreaming of an afterlife having sex with 72 virgins after blowing oneself up in a crowded Tel Aviv neighborhood, all this because life begins at death for the believer!  What could be sadder and more pathetic?  A wasted life in anticipation of a fiction based on a lie.

“Religion proceeds from the death wish.”  And from the death wish comes all manner of self-destructive behavior, violence and murder; Onfray thinks this is a result of the self-hatred that religion generates:  hatred of the body, of intelligence, and a love or liking of everything that “stands in the way of a gratified subjectivity.”  “Life crucified and nothingness exalted.”

The story of Adam and Eve (in all three books of the monotheisms) was, and is, the most devastating and destructive fiction in the history of literature.  Hatred of intelligence, hatred of women, hatred of a failure to submit and be obedient, hatred of the human body, guilt and punishment. Knowing good and evil, having wisdom (from eating an apple?  Come on!), put Adam and Eve on a par with God, and for that, but mainly for their disobedience (if they were thinking clearly maybe they should have rushed over and eaten from the Tree of Life to achieve immortality before they were condemned!), they were banished forever from the Garden.

The reality Adam and Eve and their progeny faced was full of proscriptions and taboos and rules for living, many of them listed in the books but many more invented by the men who worked as middle men for God, the priests and church hierarchy.  A race that messed up the very first chance they had to obey God was beset by guilt from the onset and had to be, from then on, guided through life.  

And so came along the priests and holy men, every bit as devious, manipulating, mendacious, thieving and self-serving as the men who put the bibles together.  Every aspect of life, from what eat to what to wear, even how to wash, had a rule, and mankind had to submit in order to prove his allegiance to God and to the one true religion.  Man’s will was thus put in a prison of social, physical and cultural restraints; is it any wonder, then, the zeal men displayed when called upon to help “correct” the heretics, witches and unbelievers?

In addition to this, books Christianity did not like were burned, sometimes along with the intellectuals and philosophers who wrote them.  Knowledge and learning was restricted to the main book, and those who sought knowledge for its own sake had to take cover.  “Refusal of the Enlightenment characterizes the monotheist religions:  they prefer mental night for the nurturing of their fables.”  (As late as 1976 in Iran, church leaders put out a statement that the earth was flat and that anyone saying differently was a heretic!)

In about the 5th century A.D., Leucippus and Democritus led the way to the discovery of the atom and the theory that matter is made up of atoms, leading to, among other things, Epicurean physics and the materialist philosophy.  Validated by modern science, this “philosophical atom” presented an early affront to the Christian notion of the immaterial soul; while science has moved on, the Church has not!  Early Christians chose to attack Epicurus and his followers (the messengers) in order to discredit materialism; somebody’s filthy little mind transcribed the Epicurean creed of pleasure into sexual liaisons with….animals!  The Church has maligned, tortured and assassinated materialists all through the ages, and Onfray suggests that the doctrine of transubstantiation may have something to do with it as well:  the bread and the wine are not actually there, although the blood and body of Christ is!  Matter that is there is not there, but we are tricked into thinking it is there by the characteristics of liquid and bread, and what is not there is there–real and substantial.

“Materialism is still on the prohibited list of the contemporary church.”!  The monotheisms, and Christianity in particular, have been a heavy millstone around the neck of science and scientific inquiry for about 2000 years now.  For the churches, there was but one science book required:  The Bible, and anything that contradicted what the bibles contained was dealt with accordingly–just think Galileo, polygenesis, atomism, etc.

“The believers’ condemnation of scientific truths–the atomist theory, the materialist option, heliocentric astronomy, geological dating, transformation of species, evolution, psychoanalytic therapy, genetic revolution–all loudly proclaimed the triumph of Paul of Tarsus, who had called for knowledge to pass away.”

Two fantasies of particular interest are angels and heaven, or paradise, created as the perfect and spiritual opposites of life on earth.  They are common to all three monotheisms, but Islam takes first prize for the splendor and extravagance of its paradise.  It seems that all the rules Muslims follow on earth are forgotten about in paradise, where you can eat and drink whatever you want, where coolness is eternal and there’s a virgin in every bed.  This is what the suicide bombers look forward to:”…falsehoods so improbable as to stagger even the meanest intelligence.”

Is it any surprise that all three monotheisms excel at misogyny?  In early August of 2014, when this summary and review was written, a Somalian woman was killed by Muslim militants for refusing to wear a veil, as required by her religion.  What is more important than a woman’s life?  Answer (from the gunman):  adhering to the law of the Koran, especially if you happen to be a woman, the source of all sin, all desire, all rebellion.  It seems that Eve touched a nerve in a the male ego when she led the way to gaining knowledge of good and evil.  It was Eve who negotiated with the serpent; it was Eve who decided to try the fruit and disobey God; it was Eve who tempted Adam to do the same and cause the Fall of Man; it was Eve who, against all prohibitions, chose reason and wisdom over eternal life and a slave-like obedience to God.

Men haven’t yet gotten over the shame of being second in line at the food court.  The Koran, for example, doesn’t even mention the first woman’s name.  Blamed for the Original Sin, woman has been punished, put down and subordinated ever since, good only for cooking and making babies.  It is easy to see how Muslim women are treated today, as revealed above; and the Christian woman?  The Church and other Fundamentalists are still trying to control women’s bodies (see the June 30, 2014 Hobby Lobby decision by the U.S. Supreme Court), still trying to make sure they have as many babies as possible, still treating them as second-class citizens in the work place.  This also explains why the Church refuses to face facts about homosexuals, hating them as much as it hates abortion and birth control.

Freud, of course, had a field day with all this.  The male fear of castration:  if Eve could squeeze the balls of God and tell Him to shove off, how will she treat the man if she isn’t controlled by religion?


There is no historical proof that Jesus ever existed.  The few Roman authors who mentioned him cannot be substantiated, as the name of Jesus came up in copies of their works several centuries after his alleged killing, just coincidentally during the ascent of Christianity in Rome.  All during the first century there was tension between the Jews and the Roman oligarchy, culminating in the destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70.  With no military or other brute power with which to fight the Romans, early Christians resorted to a time-honored tactic in wartime:  propaganda.  Thus was the myth of Jesus Christ born.

End of Part One (TO BE CONTINUED…)

Ghost Wars, by Steve Coll

(Summary and Highlights)

An intensely-researched study of American policy in Afghanistan from 1978 until the eve of 9/11, Steve Coll’s (Coll is a journalist and Dean of the Columbia School of Journalism, a winner of two Pulitzer prizes and a National Book Award) Ghost Wars shows how we got into that mess in the first place, and how, by our alliances, future blowback led to 9/11 and other terrorist attacks on the United States, its embassies, ships, troops, and other interests.

The amazing thing about this book is that Coll draws or makes no conclusions. He presents the evidence and allows the reader to decide. Many of his interviewees do give their opinions, but there is a reader’s advantage here: we can take all the information in and see a larger picture forming.

Our conclusions may differ, and while the evidence sometimes points in several different directions at once, the average reader MUST come to certain conclusions regarding how the Soviet war in Afghanistan started, which side WE were on and what we did to support that side, and how we conducted our foreign policy after the Soviets withdrew.

Coll carefully and with full documentation shows us how the Carter administration, and in particular National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, thought it would be great fun if we could somehow suck the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan, which that country did in 1979. We assisted, armed, gave money to and trained rebels (the mujahideen) who at that time were fighting against a new communist government in Afghanistan which had the full support of the Soviets. It got to the point where the Soviet army had to step in and help prop up the government, and they found themselves in a full-scale war for 10 years.

The Americans, particularly the CIA and the State Department, joined with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as the three main supporters of the rebel alliance (well, “alliance” is hardly the word for it, as rebel leaders fought against each other probably more than they fought the Soviets). We knew the people we were supporting were Islamic Fundamentalists and extremists (Bin Laden’s gang eventually joined up with the rebels), but we chose what we saw as the lesser of two evils.

One of the main sub-stories to all of this was the infusion of extremists from Saudi Arabia into Pakistan and Afghanistan to train and fight in the battle against the communist government and the Soviets. After the Soviets eventually pulled out of Afghanistan (they lost the war just as surely as we lost Vietnam), the elder Bush administration virtually ignored Afghanistan, although a civil war was raging between former rebel leaders. About the only issue that continued to interest us in that area was BUYING BACK OUR OWN STINGER MISSILES. Up to $150K per missile. We supplied around 800 missiles to the rebels, in addition to countless rifles, grenade-launchers, ammunition, etc., so we already paid for them once. After the Soviets left we wanted them back so they couldn’t use them to shoot down OUR planes and helicopters!

A new group, allied with Bin Laden, called the Taliban (“The Students”), gained in strength and took over a large portion of southern Afghanistan. It was from this base in Afghanistan that Bin Laden planned and launched his terrorist attacks against the U.S., and eventually, 9/11.

A good portion of the book is devoted to the Clinton administration’s efforts (or lack thereof) to capture or assassinate Bin Laden as he moved about Afghanistan (including an early use of missile-laden drones). Again and again the CIA had zeroed in on Bin Laden, and again and again Clinton failed to push the “go” button. Bin Laden hated the U.S. mainly because it put military bases in his home country of Saudi Arabia.  Saudia Arabia is the home country of Islam’s most sacred site, Mecca.

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, supposedly our friends throughout the war with the Soviet Union and after, were shown by Coll to be anything but. Pakistan supported the Taliban as it grew in strength and political power, and provided warnings to Bin Laden concerning planned attacks on him or his compounds. As we know, Bin Laden was living in Pakistan when he was killed.